Review Policy

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Currently Not Accepting Review Requests


For review requests: I may or may not accept your request based on the type of book and my availability. Sometimes it may take me longer to get to/through it, because of my work schedule so please be patient. I prefer e-book copies (epub or pdf), but I will accept physical copies.

For other posts: I am also happy to post about book releases, cover reveals, excerpts, etc–or have you guest post on the blog. If my review requests are currently closed I may choose to feature your book instead.

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By submitting a request you accept, acknowledge, and understand:

  • That I prioritize ARC’s/ARE’s in the order of release date. That means I may read another book before yours if the release date for that one is first.
  • I generally have reviews posted done the month of the release date.
  • If you have a specific deadline for when my review should be posted, please let me know beforehand so I can take that into consideration before I accept your request. Otherwise, I will follow the previously stated policy.
  • I will leave reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble only for books I rate 3+ stars.
  • My reviews are posted on my blog, Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • My reviews will always be honest but fair. I will speak my mind about what I really think, but I will not tear your book down. In general, I will give suggestions for how the book could have been improved or made my reading experience better.
  • If I post my review on another site (or even just my blog here), please do not ask me to take it down if it is negative. It is my right as a reader and reviewer to post my honest opinion of a book.


Things I Enjoy
  • Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Young Adult, Adult, Romance, Dystopian, Historial
  • Settings: Schools, castles, institutions
  • Elements: Magic, steampunk, psychic abilities, sibling relationships (strong/dysfunctional), competitions/games, secret/rival organizations
  • Themes: Rebellion, revenge/war, strong female characters, fairy tales/retellings
  • Supernatural Beings: Werewolves, vampires, elves, fairies, angels, demons, mermaids, dragons, shape-shifters
  • Occupations: Assassins, royalty, students/trainees, pirates, hunters, guardians/protectors
Favorite Authors
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Nancy Holder
  • Debbie Viguie
  • Holly Black
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Sarah J. Maas
  • L.J. Smith
  • Cinda Williams Chima
  • Kiersten White
  • Ellen Hopkins
  • Rachel Caine
  • Jenna Black
  • Melissa Marr
  • Chloe Neill
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Danielle Paige
  • Veronica Roth