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Let’s Chat: Sex in YA (+Giveaway)

Sex in YA This month, I wanted to talk about something related to romance (because I love romance): sex in YA. I feel like sex in YA can either be good or just plain horrible, so let’s jump into it and see why that is! To be entered into my discussion giveaway all you have… Continue reading Let’s Chat: Sex in YA (+Giveaway)


Let’s Chat: Retellings (+Giveaway)

  Retellings For our chat this month, I wanted to jump into a favorite genre/theme of mine: retellings! They seem to have become really popular in the last year, so I’m gonna share my feelings on them and also give you guys some recommendations. Because there’s so many retellings I’ve read, I’m not going to… Continue reading Let’s Chat: Retellings (+Giveaway)

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Let’s Chat: Forbidden Romance & Giveaway

  Forbidden Romance I want to make my discussions a monthly occurrence because it lets me interact with you guys, share some book recommendations, and hopefully find some new books to add to my TBR pile as well! In that spirit, this month I’ve chosen to talk about Forbidden Romance in YA novels. This is… Continue reading Let’s Chat: Forbidden Romance & Giveaway

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Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble: Why Amazon is Winning

  It Happened Yeah, okay, we’re gonna talk about this. Because lately–no, for a while now… I’ve been buying more books on Amazon than from the Nook app. There. I said it! Whaaaaaaaat Look, I can explain, okay! I swear! It’s not like I stopped loving Barnes & Noble (*pets* shhh it’s okay, I still… Continue reading Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble: Why Amazon is Winning

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Ebooks: Free, Cheap, and Where to Get Them

Feeding Your Book Addiction I think from my monthly Book Hauls it’s pretty clear that I go a little overboard in the ebook department. Mostly because it’s a great way to get books but save a lot of space (which I desperately need to considering the piles of books that have taken over my room).… Continue reading Ebooks: Free, Cheap, and Where to Get Them

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The Great Library Series: Knowledge & Censorship

Hey, everyone! I finally have a little time to post (been pretty busy with graduation preparations, can’t believe it’s almost Saturday already!) It’s been a really good reading week for me. I finished Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller, Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine–plus, I’m halfway done with The Year of Four by Nya Jade. While I can’t… Continue reading The Great Library Series: Knowledge & Censorship

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Shadowhunters: A little (Big) Overview

My B&N order for Lady Midnight came in The Dark Artifices) to the main series The Mortal Instruments. Still, I thought I might give a little summary of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books in case anyone is interested (since I kind of said I would whenever my order came in). Be forewarned, there is a lot, so I’ll… Continue reading Shadowhunters: A little (Big) Overview