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Sunday Check-In




Books I Need to Read: 
  • Spin the Dawn: 51%
  • Seafire
  • Two Dark Reigns
  • Wicked Saints
  • Frostbite
  • Scammed
Reviews I Need to Write:
  • I actually only have 4 book reviews left to write for books I’ve read: Kingdom of Ash, A Court of Frost and Starlight, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and The Raven King! I’m still way behind on NetGalley books but one thing at a time lol.



This is totally not book related, but I wanted to show off my glasses! I was feeling semi-recently like my vision was slightly off when it came to things further away and during poor lighting so I went to go get my eyes checked and it turned out I needed glasses lol. I was relieved that I wasn’t crazy and that I could start seeing better again. I just got my glasses on Thursday and I’m supposed to keep them on for 2 weeks as much as possible. I was feeling a little awkward at first but I’ve gotten used to them fast.

And I also want to say that I’ve been making some personal changes that have really made me happy recently. I’ve been working out and eating healthier. It was hard at first but it’s really becoming a habit now. I’ve been feeling more comfortable and confident in myself. I’m sure my friends have noticed that I’ve been posting way more selfies in the last couple of months than I probably ever did in all my life lol. I’ve just started to feel… good, and I like it.

I’m really looking forward to continuing my health journey and I want to give a shoutout to @DarqueDreamerReads because she is the person who inspired me to start working out. She’s honestly so kind, motivated, and strong. Seeing her progress and hard work really made me kick my own butt into gear and I want to say thank you to her for being that inspiration and for being a great friend.

Aside from that, I’ve been making great progress on catching up on reviews for books I’ve read. I think when I really started to buckle down and tackle the list I was at like 26 or 28 books. I’m down to 4 now! Granted, I still have to type them up and edit them for posting, but I’ve been using Evernote to dictate my reviews (since I write them in a notebook first) and that makes it go faster. But at least now I don’t have to stress or feel guilty when I’m reading because I know I haven’t done my reviews for these other books haha.


I didn’t do a whole lot of posting in the last week because it was super busy at work and crazy shit was happening (and I got sick last week). But I plan on working on those posts this week and then backdating them so keep an eye out for them.

And, as my last random news: since I have two weeks off I’m planning to clean out my book hoard. By that I mean, I really do have a ton of books (easily over 1,000) and I haven’t gotten around to reading even a decent amount of them. I own quite a few in ebook form since I’ve caught them when they’re on sale at some point, so I’m planning on destashing physical books I own in ebook form that I don’t think I’ll love (like maybe I’ll like them, but just won’t love them enough to keep a copy). That way I can still read the book if I want, but they won’t be taking up so much space in my room and library.

I really want to use my bookcases to showcase the books I love but I can’t really do that because I have so many other books that I haven’t even touched yet. So, that’ll be a project to keep me busy. Plus, then I can re-inventory my books but maybe do it on Goodreads as well this time so I can keep track of what I own. You might see stuff on Instagram at one point if I decide any of the books I destash are worth anything; like I might sell my nice hardbacks or book box editions of books I read but didn’t love.

Also, don’t forget to join my giveaway, it’s still open! Aside from that, I’ve been reading Spin the Dawn and it’s been so much fun! I absolutely love it! I’m actually mad at myself for not getting to it sooner haha.

*Edit: I almost forgot to mention, but since I didn’t update my Review Directory in forever, I went ahead and did that today. So it’s up to date with all reviews that are currently posted. As I post more I’ll update more on the list with the appropriate links.


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