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Let’s Chat: Siblings (+Giveaway)

Let's Chat


This month, since it’s Thanksgiving season and I always think of family at this time, I wanted to talk about siblings! I have a sister myself but we are so far apart in age that I pretty much just grew up as if I was an only child. I always loved and wanted a really close sibling relationship like in some of these YA books, so let’s go ahead and jump into it!


To be entered into my discussion giveaway all you have to do is follow this blog and comment on this post! At the end of the month, I will select one winner to get a book of their choice from Book Depository (under $20).

*The giveaway is being extended into December because of the low participation

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My Thoughts

Like I said, I have always envied those close sibling relationships in books because I never really had one growing up. Even when I didn’t have a close sibling I wanted that really close kinship with someone else (that friend that feels more like a big brother or sister). I think that’s the reason I was really attracted to Truthwitch.

I went into the book for the synopsis and magic, but I stick around because of the relationship between Safi and Iseult. They are threadsisters, which is basically just them being such good friends that they’re really just each other’s chosen family. I absolutely love the way they look out for one another and are willing to do anything for each other. I love the genuine bond and loyalty between them.

It’s kind of the same situation in Strange the Dreamer. The characters up in the Citadel are all demi-gods with powers but even though they’re from different parents there’s still a strong bond between them forged by their shared past (and present situation). I loved that they bickered and had their quirks, but that they all had each other’s backs in their own way. Each of them knew their role in the group and they were all loyal to one another (even when one kind goes off the rails).

Another one of my favorite siblings is from And I Darken. Lada and Radu have this… complicated bond. Lada is very tough, but she is willing to do a lot for her brother (and she proves it). I fell in love with her because of the fierce love and loyalty she has for her brother (even though he doesn’t always do the same for her). I think I actually love them more because of how complex it is. They’re not perfect but they try. I just hope Radu tries harder because honestly, he doesn’t Lada lol.

I really hope you guys will check some of these books out because I think there needs to be more books with a bigger focus on non-romantic relationships. If you have any recs too, feel free to drop a comment! I’d love to check them out!



Which sibling bonds do you like more? When they’re related or when they’re best friends (like Safi and Iseult).


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: Siblings (+Giveaway)

  1. “Which sibling bonds do you like more? When they’re related or when they’re best friends (like Safi and Iseult).” Probably real siblings, with one looking after another or both looking after each other!

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