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Soundtrack Saturday: Strange the Dreamer

Soundtrack Saturday

Hey, everyone! I’ve decided to do another Soundtrack Saturday! This meme is from @TheHardcoverLover. Basically, you pick out songs (at least four) that describe the beginning, characters, relationships, and ending of a book you’ve read in order to create a playlist for that book. This week I decided to create a playlist for Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor (review to come!).



Strange the Dreamer Playlist

1. Struggle by Neffex [Beginning]

This one was definitely picked with Lazlo in mind. He was stuck in a subservient role and lived a pretty ordinary life that he wasn’t content with when he knew there was so much more out there. I loved his passion for his research of the city of Weep and how he felt mostly ignored. Eventually, we do get to see the stronger side of him when he steps up and takes a chance on asking to join the travelers going to Weep.

2. Alive by Sia [Lazlo]

This is more for Lazlo after he gets his confidence along the journey. He grows so much out of his shell in the time that he spends traveling. I loved seeing that transformation!

3. Everywhere by Michelle Branch [Lazlo and Sarai]

Of course, this one is for Lazlo and Sarai ❤ It fits so perfectly considering they only ever meet in dreams for about 99% of the book.

4. Close Your Eyes by Digital Daggers [Ending]

I can’t really talk too much about the ending because I don’t want to spoil things but this definitely fits! Also, I just love the overall tone of the song ❤



What do you think of the playlist?


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