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WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @TakingOnAWorldOfWords. All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

 What are you currently reading?

 What did you recently finish reading?

 What do you think you’ll read next?


What Are You Currently Reading

www reading oct 8.jpg

As I’m writing this at midnight, I actually haven’t started anything since the last book I finished because right after I finished Sawkill Girls I got to work on reviews and posts lol. But probably while on break at work or when I get home (depending on my mood) I will pick up one of these books. That being said~

I am super pumped to be finishing The Raven Cycle series and this will probably be what I decide to pick up first! I am just so ready to finally find out the answers to all my questions with The Raven King and seeing what Blue and Gansey’s fate is. I will probably be biting my nails the whole time waiting for bad things to happen. Agh! It’s killing me!

Although, I am also really excited to get to The Mermaid because I absolutely love Christina Henry’s writing. I have loved three of her books so far (Alice, Red Queen, and Lost Boy), so I hope that I will love this one as well because it’s a retelling ❤

And the third book I’ll be getting to soon is Wilder Girls. It’s a YA mystery/horror book. It’s one of those where you’re not supposed to go outside the walls (well, fence in this case) because bad things are out there. Then someone important to the main character goes missing so they venture out there. I am getting all the spooky vibes from this and I am excited!


What did you Recently Finish Reading

www finished oct 8.jpg

The Deceivers is one of the last books I finished and it was such a blast! I connected to the main character right away because her driving force is a desire to move on up in the world and go to college (I love learning and school so I always like characters that want to better themselves). I also loved the whole idea of a school for con artists. The romance was cute too. Overall it was just such a great book!

The next book I read wasn’t really all that great, unfortunately. I had to DNF Second Star at 60% and I really only made it that far because I pushed myself out of guilt from having had this book on my NetGalley for so long.

And then the last book that I just finished on Tuesday night is Sawkill Girls (which was amazing!). I totally loved the characters and the whole female power vibe to this. I also enjoyed the whole “what the fuck is going on” aspect with the horror/mystery angles. The twists in the plot were good too. Just overall it was a great book!


What do You Think You’ll Read Next

www next oct 8.jpg

Even though I’m in a mood for spooky, I’m not really jumping to read Two Dark Reigns. It’s not really spooky so I’m just leaving it for the end. I do want to see where the series goes in this book but it’s just not what I’m in the mood for right now (maybe it will be after I read a couple more books).

Obviously when in a spooky reading mood you’re going to be excited for a book called The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter. I think I mentioned in my October TBR post that this book has a grocery list of trigger warnings so I’m hoping that’s for a reason/they’re being overly cautious and it’s not going to be just unnecessary stuff for the sake of “horror”.

And then because I DNF’d Second Star, I’m hoping that I’ll have time to get one more book in this month. If I do, I definitely want to take on a book by one of my favorite authors that is spooktastic: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein.



What are you reading?


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