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Soundtrack Saturday: Kingdom of Ash

Soundtrack Saturday

Hey, everyone! I’ve decided to do another Soundtrack Saturday! This meme is from @TheHardcoverLover. Basically, you pick out songs (at least four) that describe the beginning, characters, relationships, and ending of a book you’ve read in order to create a playlist for that book. This week I decided to create a playlist for Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas (review to come!).

Caution: there are some spoilers below if you haven’t read this far yet.


Kingdom of Ash Playlist

1. Shadows by Red [Beginning]

It killed me in the beginning to read about Aelin being locked away in the dark, to see her slowly losing hope. But I also saw her determination to save the world. Plus I see a little of Rowan in the lyrics, especially in the way that he refuses to give up on her. I think this song captures all of those feelings in the lyrics and the general feeling of the song.

2. Queen by Loren Gray [Aelin and Manon]

This one is for both of these strong and amazing queens, Aelin and Manon! These ladies are badass!

3. God is a Woman by Ariana Grande [Manon and Dorian]

This one definitely makes me think of those spicy scenes between Manon and Dorian. I think we can all admit they were pretty kinky lol.

4. Exothermic by Faouzia [Ending]

I picked this song because it always makes me feel powerful and I think that’s how the ending of this book feels. You see all the hardship and heartache finally come to an end and you see Aelin’s true strength. You see all her hard work, loyalty, and genuine goodness inspire so much good out of everyone around her. This song definitely fits that mood.



What do you think of the playlist?


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