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WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @TakingOnAWorldOfWords. All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

 What are you currently reading?

 What did you recently finish reading?

 What do you think you’ll read next?


What Are You Currently Reading

current read 9-10-19.jpg

The first book that I’m reading is The Everlasting Rose! I’m so excited to jump back into this series because the first book blew me away ❤ I can’t wait to see what happens!

Next up, I’m also reading two of my NetGalley books. One is Second Star by J.M Sullivan. This one is a sci-fi retelling of Peter Pan, so I think it’ll be fun!

And because I finished Four Dead Queens, I decided to start up on The Deceivers. Really looking forward to this one because it’s about a character going to school for con artists!


What did you Recently Finish Reading

last books read 9-10-19

My last update two weeks ago I mentioned that I had read the first three Rockton series books (the third being This Fallen Prey). Since then I finished the fourth book, Watcher in the Woods.

I also mostly read/finished Four Dead Queens. I read 45% of the book and decided it just wasn’t getting my attention, certainly not enough for how far I was in the book, so I decided to DNF.


What do You Think You’ll Read Next

reading next 9-10-19

I am definitely reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue soon after I finish my current reads! I really want to see what happens with all these character relationship changes that I saw happening in the last book. Plus, I want to see how the overall plot moves forward!

Besides that, I also want to continue the Three Dark Crowns series with Two Dark Reigns. I definitely need to catch up and finish it now that the series is done!

And if I can get through all those other books I want to get to Wicked Fox, which if you saw in my September TBR list is my bonus book (basically next up to read if I happen to get through all my other books).



What’re you currently reading?


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