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New Releases: September 2019




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September 3rd
Serpent & Dove

I really love this cover and I am totally digging the whole enemies falling in love vibe I’m getting from this (especially since it has witches!).

The Girl the Sea Gave Back

I think this one is going to be really interesting. I think that the main character being raised by people who fear her is going to add some really fun twists to the story in terms of loyalty and psychology. It’ll make for a complex main character (hopefully) which I think will be lots of fun!

Five Dark Fates

I’m avoiding the synopsis for this since I haven’t read this far yet. Still, I’m totally excited because I like the other two books in the series! Can’t wait to see how it all ends!

Loki: Where Mischief Lies

Um, first of all, it’s Mackenzi Lee, so I am already sold on this book. Second of all, it’s about Loki. That’s really all I need to know lol!

Kingdom of Souls

This book has such a great cover! But aside from that, I think the story is going to be really awesome. I love that the main character doesn’t start out powerful and is getting placed in a position where she’s desperate enough to make a serious sacrifice in order to get the power everyone expects her to have. I think it’s a cool twist instead of just going for the usual super-strong-main-character trope that YA’s have.

American Royals

Okay, I loved, loved, loved Katharine McGee’s Thousandth Floor series (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3) so of course, I’m going to get her new book ❤


September 10th
The Lady Rogue

This has a little bit of YA Tomb Raider vibe to it and it also has references to Dracula so I am 100% sold!

Tiger Queen

I’m always a sucker for retellings (even if I don’t really know the original story, I still really enjoy them) so I added this to my list. Plus, I really like books where the main character is supposed to be some kind of leader and she has to prove herself and save her people.


September 24th
The Bone Houses

This sounds a little creepy and I’m so excited to see more reviews on it! I like the whole idea of them protecting a graveyard and there being some ancient curse.


This has a totally stunning cover and I love that it has a Black gamer as its main character ❤



What book release are you most excited for this month?


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