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Soundtrack Saturday: Dreams of Gods & Monsters

Soundtrack Saturday

Hey, everyone! I’ve decided to do another Soundtrack Saturday! This meme is from @TheHardcoverLover. Basically, you pick out songs (at least four) that describe the beginning, characters, relationships, and ending of a book you’ve read in order to create a playlist for that book. This week I decided to create a playlist for Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor (review to come!).

Caution: there are some spoilers below if you haven’t read this far yet.


Dreams of Gods & Monsters Playlist

1. Blood//Water by Grandson [Beginning]

I chose this song because in Dreams of Gods and Monsters, Karou is surrounded by enemies. She and her allies are deceiving everyone around them in order to keep their support while still trying to avoid war. And in the human world, the seraphim are preparing to wage war on the chimera. There’s just a lot of tension in this book and I think this song fits very well.

2. Believe in Dreams by Flyleaf [Karou and Akiva]

The atmosphere this song creates was perfect for Karou and Akiva. These are two characters that are deeply in love (despite the wedge between them) who were joined together through a shared dream of peace and harmony. They were driven to keep trying in this book because despite everything thrown at them they never stopped believing in those dreams.

3. Ashes and Wine by A Fine Frenzy [Karou and Akiva]

And of course, the relationship between Karou and Akiva was definitely strained. Their love and trust were tested. For a while, they seemed resigned to the fact that things wouldn’t work out between them, but the attraction–which went beyond the physical–was undeniable.

4. Saving Grace by Flyleaf [Ending]

The ending of this book was both heartache and hope. Always hope. While things seem to spell potential doom there’s just this lightness at the end knowing that these characters are all pulling together to save the fate of the world. I loved that note of hope and this song is just perfect for the ending.



How do you feel about endings that are open-ended? Endings where the future is uncertain?


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