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TTT: First 10 Books I Reviewed


Top Ten Tuesday

“First 10 Books I Reviewed”

This book meme is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl


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Throne of Glass

This is really the book that got me back into reading and ultimately inspired me to start my book blog, so I owe a lot to it. Throne of Glass Review.


One of the few duologies I’ve read. I actually really enjoyed the first book but this second one kind of felt meh to me. Eona Review.

Perfect Lies

This series introduced me to Kiersten White and I’m so happy for it. She’s one of my all-time favorite authors ❤ Perfect Lies Review.

I Am Number Four

Not one of my favorite reads, but I read it because I’d seen the movie and always wanted more. Still kind of on the fence about whether or not it’s going to be worth continuing it, but I feel like I should since I have all the books. I Am Number Four Review.

City of Heavenly Fire

Another one of my favorite authors. It’s kind of sad that I started my blog at the end of the series because I think it would’ve been fun to review the whole thing. I’m not really the kind of person who rereads things so it’s not likely I’ll go back and do it now haha. City of Heavenly Fire Review.

Crown of Midnight

I ended up continuing the series pretty soon after I started it because my best friend is awesome and got me these books haha. Crown of Midnight Review.

The Beast is an Animal

I think this was the first ARC I ever received and reviewed! It’s what got me looking into NetGalley and all that. The Beast is an Animal.


This was the first prose-type book that I read. I’m not really into poetry but I absolutely loved this story! Crank Review.

Alice in Zombieland

This is the book that kind of got me hooked on retellings haha. It may not have been the best, but I loved the concept of having these twists on classic stories. Alice in Zombieland Review.

The Hunger Games

I read this for a class in college and fell in love with it. I love how much thought went into this book and all the messages in it. I love the idea of a YA book making an impact and making you think instead of just being entertaining and fun. The Hunger Games Review.



Do you have a book that got you into blogging?


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