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TTT: Outrageous Things I’ve Done For The Love Of Books


Top Ten Tuesday

“Outrageous Things I’ve Done For The Love Of Books”

This book meme is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl



Stolen Money

It was when I was really young and in elementary school. But basically, I stole $20 from my mom’s purse because I wanted to get something at a book fair and I was afraid she’d say no. I ended up feeling so guilty I confessed 5 minutes later and gave it back lol. She ended up letting me have it but man… xD

Took Out A Credit Card

I legit took out my first credit card because I wanted to get books and bookish stuff. I mean, also to build up credit and be a responsible adult *cough*.

Lied About School Work

Sometimes when I needed a book for school (like one of those classics they’d make you read) I would also pick up another book and tell my parents it was for school too haha.

Gone Hours Without Eating

This one I do all the time. I just get lost in whatever I’m reading and I put off eating for a long time. Sometimes I don’t even realize I haven’t eaten for half the day until I put my book down and it hits me that it’s super late.

Stayed Up Way Too Late

I remember being miserable in the mornings in college because I stayed up too late reading a book. It was worth it in the end but in that first hour of class, it was hard to remember that when all I wanted was a nap lol. Or when I do this and I have work early the next day. Whoops.

Buying Ungodly Amounts of Book Sleeves

I still do this. I see a book sleeve and want it because it’d be great for books that have a certain theme or color. I like to have lots of them to choose from so I have way more than I probably need lol.

Buying Ungodly Amounts of Bookmarks

Same with bookmarks. I use them to show my love of certain books or authors since I don’t really have the room to put up art prints on my walls. I probably have over a hundred of them at this point.

Bought an App to Organize Books

I bought a $15 app on my phone just to scan in books I buy and keep track of what I have because I have so many and sometimes I end up buying things twice.

Let Books Take Over My Room

My room is probably 50% books. Not joking. I’m actually close to owning almost 1,000 physical books. Yeah. Physical. I’m not counting ebooks or audiobooks xD

Made My Mom Use Her Credit Card

My mom got an apple credit card when she bought me my laptop in college and when you spend you earn points. When you get enough points you earn a $25 gift card from Apple, which I use to buy ebooks. So sometimes I play devil’s advocate and convince her to spend money on things she’s on the fence about so that she gets more points and I can get those cards. Lol, I’m terrible.



What’s the most you’ve ever spent in a bookstore in one day?


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