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TTT: Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book


Top Ten Tuesday

“Things That Make Me Pick Up A Book”

This book meme is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl


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Beautiful Covers

I have literally bought books just because they looked pretty and the synopsis was just interesting enough for me to justify getting it. Sometimes I’m not even sure about the synopsis but I give the book a chance because it has such a pretty cover and I want to like it. I bought Zodiac (and later on the rest of the series) just because I fell in love with the covers.


I’ve really been into books with siblings as a major element to the book. Like in Labyrinth Lost we have Alex and her sisters that are all pretty close. I love that family element to stories, but with siblings, it’s especially fun. I think it’s because my sister and I didn’t really grow up together (she’s 15 years older than me) and I always really wanted to have a sibling to be close to.

Positive Reviews

Other times I pick up books just because I’ve seen it around so much in the book community and people say great things. I’ve done this without having even the slightest idea what the book is about. Which was pretty much the case with Beneath the Citadel.

Good Synopsis

In most cases, it’s a good synopsis that will make me pick up a book. When I got Aftermath it was because I read the description and thought it’d be a really interesting read (which it was). I’m usually pretty good at picking out books I like/love. I don’t often pick up books and end up disliking them.

Author I Love

There’s also a lot of cases where I pick up books just because I like the author. Like for Slayer, I remember adding it to my Goodreads before I even knew it was about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


I totally love retellings. Lost Boy has to be one of my favorites and just kicked up my love for dark retellings. If it’s a retelling there’s a good chance I’ll get it.


Throne of Glass kind of started my love for this theme in books, but even before that I loved playing assassins or warriors in online roleplays on GaiaOnline.

Competitions & Survival

I think this is because of the whole Hunger Games things, but I love books that have an element of competition or survival. I got #Murdertrending because of that and really enjoyed it!

Complicated Romance

There’s something fun about complicated romances. It’s almost funny how I love and seek out relationships in books that will bring me tears. I think The Darkest Star kind of had that to it but I think I really got it from Buffy and Angel’s doomed romance.

Royalty & Class Systems

This is also kinda because of Throne of Glass, but I really like books that have class systems and royalty. The Jewel is a good example. Again, not really just because of one book because I always loved playing prince and princesses in GaiaOnline.



Did you ever do writing roleplays or write in general for fun? I loved creating my own stories with online friends!


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