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TTT: Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

Top Ten Tuesday

“Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To”

This book meme is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl


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Without Me by Halsey

I love Halsey’s voice and lyrics so much ❤ But this song just kind of hits me every time. It's sad and just makes me want to write about a bad romance. It also makes me think of Meg from Hercules with that guy that left her. Without Me Link.

Parachute by Krewella

This one is just so… fun and soothing. It’s by one of my favorite bands too so that helps haha. It makes me think of young love. Just wanting to hold onto that feeling when you first fall in love. Parachute Link.

Back to You by Fame on Fire

This one is more intense than the first two. It’s about not being able to let someone go that you know isn’t right for you. I love the drums in this one and the lead’s voice as well. Back to You Link.

Water Fountain by Alec Benjamin

I found this one completely by chance because I didn’t know iTunes had a playlist just for recs for me haha. When I listened to this I fell in love with the lyrics, the overall sound, and the way it just made me feel. It’s a sad romance and ugh, it just gives me the feels. I picture it being childhood sweethearts that are broken apart by life and then later come back together. It almost makes me think of Mal and Alina in Shadow and Bone when they’re split up and she’s missing him. Or Skye and Jesse from Aftermath by Kelley Armstrong. Water Fountain Link.

Let You Love Me by Rita Ora

This one makes me want to write something romantic too! One of those complex relationships where the girl’s been through something and can’t let someone in. I also really love her voice! Let You Love Me Link.

2002 by Anne-Marie

This one is so cute! And catchy! I really, really love this song! I could jam to it for hours haha. It makes me think of a YA contemporary romance ❤ 2002 Link.

Queen by Loren Gray

This one just screams Celaena and Manon from Throne of Glass, two badass queens haha. Queen Link.

Love Outta Me by Krewella

As I said, I love Krewella. Their voices and lyrics are just so great. This one I’ve been playing a lot lately. Love Outta Me Link.

Home by Neffex

This one is perfect for a quiet night when I’m reading. It’s romantic too and just mellow but with a great beat too. I love Neffex ❤ Home Link.

Bottled Up by Dinah Jane

This one has great lyrics and I love the message behind it. It’s catchy and has a great beat. Bottled Up Link.



What’s the last song you played?


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