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New Releases: February 2019




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February 4th

You know, I read Star-Crossed from this author and wasn’t really super in love with it, but if anything I think this author knows how to make some really interesting stories. I like the premise for this one with the main character knowing someone will eventually kill a lot of students at school but they don’t know who. Plus, there’s the whole thing about her hearing a voice in her head that’s telling her it’s the boy she has a crush on. Drama!

Vortex Visions

I’m not gonna lie, most of the time I pick her books up because the covers are so pretty haha. But after I read the synopsis I always feel even more excited about the book so I’m not being totally shallow! It’s always fun when the main character has powers they’re not supposed to and when they’re forced to work together with someone who’s kind of difficult. I can just sense the romance ❤

February 5th
On the Come Up

I have yet to read THUG, but I hear such amazing things about it that I wasn’t about to pass up on getting this book. I already pre-ordered it (and it came in today) so I’m looking forward to reading it!


I’m totally digging a French revolution with a magical/fantasy twist! Plus, the cover for this is just gorgeous!

Courting Darkness

This is another book with a historical/fantasy blend. It’s set in France and it seems like its got some spy/rebellion aspects to it that are bound to make it tense and fun!

Lady Smoke

I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t read the first book in this series yet, but I have heard great things so I’m going to be slowly getting these books as they come out and then binge-reading them likely haha. It was hard not to get this when that cover is so pretty ❤

The Ruin of Kings

I like books where the main character discovers they’re royalty, but then this one also has the twist that things aren’t what he expects and they just kinda go wrong? It’s always interesting when characters get their dream/goal and then it isn’t what they expected it to be like. I think it adds a nice twist and I think this will be a fun read!

The Deceivers

I’m a fan of books/shows/etc. that involve con artists with a robin hood complex and this seems to have that going for it so I think I’m going to really enjoy it. Plus, I want to know what secrets the school is hiding and maybe there’ll be some romance in there too? I feel like there could be.


February 12th

I just started this series last month. Honestly, wasn’t too blown away by the first book but I’ve heard that the rest of the series is better so I’m hoping the second book will pull me in more, but I figure since I have the rest of the series already it won’t hurt to get this one too. I did enjoy Truthwitch more towards the end so I think I may end up liking the rest of the series.

Crown of Feathers

Um, Phoenix riders and a story about sibling rivalry over a throne? Yes! Honestly, this just sounds really awesome and after reading Three Dark Crowns I’ve really been into that kind of theme.

The Triumphant

Yay, it’s the last book! I keep hearing great things about this series so now that the last book is out I can just binge-read the whole series one of these days.

The Blood Spell

I haven’t looked much at these books because I’m not sure if the synopsis will give stuff away for the previous books but I know that the series is based on retellings (which I always enjoy), so I’m just collecting the series to binge-read at some point. The covers are always gorgeous too, so it’s worth checking them out! This one seems like it’s based on Cinderella!


I love stories where you blend crime-solving and fantasy elements, so if you do too you should definitely check this one out! It’s about a reporter who writes about those that have passed away but she also has visions, so when she has a vision about a murderer she sets out to discover the killer’s identity.

The Black Coats

I love the idea of some vengeful girls and this whole secret society/girl power themes going on. I think it makes it even better that there are some dark secrets going on. I think this one will be really fun!

Soul in Darkness

I love fantasy and mythology themes! And this one just seems so perfect! I really like the idea of a vengeful Goddess and a mischievous Cupid. Plus, there’s potential for romance here! I think it’s going to be a really good read!


February 19th
Immoral Code

I really enjoy the idea for this one because it reminds me of the TV Show Leverage which was totally awesome and about conmen stealing from bad guys to give back to people who actually deserved things (and of course, keeping some of the money for themselves).

Honor Bound

I absolutely love Rachel Caine so that’s all I really had to know about this book, haha. Again, another series I haven’t read the first book from, but she has never let me down so I’m going to buy it anyways ❤

Mist, Metal, and Ash

I’ve heard great things about the first book and the covers for this series really call to me. I know this is supposed to be kind of steampunk and that’s always great too ❤ (Ooops, forgot to add the cover in!)


February 26th
Warrior of the Wild

Although I’ve heard some good things about her Daughter of the Pirate King series, I think this will probably be the book that introduces me to her. I absolutely love the story for this. I love the idea of having the main character be someone who has trained all her life to lead her village and then having that all go wrong and suddenly she’s sent off on an impossible task to get her birthright back.

Four Dead Queens

This book gives me slight The Jewel, Divergent, and Hunger Games vibes with the whole dividing people into categories and all that. I think I’d really love this and the whole part about solving the mystery of who killed the Queens is also totally up my alley.

We Set the Dark on Fire

There are so many great books lately that involve disguising the main character as something they’re not and I love it! I think this one should be really fun with a potential for some good romance ❤

Last of Her Name

I will always buy things that are inspired by Anastasia because that’s like my favorite princess (cartoon-wise) and I always found her actual story to be interesting as well! So even though it’s just loosely inspired by it, I think a sci-fi retelling could be fun.



Which release are you most excited for this month?


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