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WWW Wednesday


WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @TakingOnAWorldOfWords. All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

 What are you currently reading?

 What did you recently finish reading?

 What do you think you’ll read next?


What Are You Currently Reading

Gods Wind Siege.jpg

I picked up Dreams of Gods & Monsters again on audiobook since I’ve been pretty tired coming home these days. I really love the series so I’m happy to be making progress in it again. It’s the final book in the series so I’m excited to finish it so that I can start her newer books.

I’m also continuing the Witchlands series with Windwitch. I’ve heard the series gets better so I’m looking forward to reading this one and hopefully falling more in love with it.

And I’m (of course) also continuing the Grisha trilogy with Siege and Storm. I’m already really enjoying it so I’m hoping that I can find time to focus and relax with it this weekend so I can finish it and start the last book (because I really want to read King of Scars).


What did you Recently Finish Reading

first shadow truth.jpg

I already talked about First Grave on the Right two weeks ago, but I’ll go ahead and say again that this book was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the blend of mystery, paranormal, and romance.

Shadow and Bone was a really fun read! I did find the middle lagged a bit, but it was still a thoroughly enjoyable story.

I kind of talked about this on Instagram earlier in the week, but I didn’t really love Truthwitch. I did enjoy it more towards the end so I’m still interested in reading the following books, but it just didn’t blow me away.

Reviews: They’ll be coming soon!


What do You Think You’ll Read Next

strange sight ruin.jpg

Seeing as how I’m on the last book in Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, I figure once I’m done with that I can jump into her new series which I hope I’ll love just as much ❤ I’m really looking forward to starting Strange the Dreamer!

I’m also very likely going to be continuing the Witchlands series, so after I finish Windwitch I’ll probably hop into Sightwitch right away.

And the same goes for the Grisha trilogy, I’ll probably be finishing this right away. I think I’ll want to start Ruin and Rising right away because I don’t want to put off finishing the series too much (I did that a lot last year and I’m trying to not do it as much this year lol).



Do you prefer reading a series one book after the other, or kind of taking breaks in between to read other books/series?


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