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Review: The Towering Sky

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Title:The Towering Sky

Author:Katharine McGee

Series:Book 3

Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Note:Read my reviews for Book 1 and Book 2 here.


Welcome back to New York, 2119. A skyscraper city, fueled by impossible dreams, where the lives of five teenagers have become intertwined in ways that no one could have imagined.

Leda just wants to move on from what happened in Dubai. Until a new investigation forces her to seek help—from the person she’s spent all year trying to forget.

Rylin is back in her old life, reunited with an old flame. But when she starts seeing Cord again, she finds herself torn: between two worlds, and two very different boys.

Calliope feels trapped, playing a long con that costs more than she bargained for. What happens when all her lies catch up with her?

Watt is still desperately in love with Leda. He’ll do anything to win her back—even dig up secrets that are better left buried.

And now that Avery is home from England—with a new boyfriend, Max—her life seems more picture-perfect than ever. So why does she feel like she would rather be anything but perfect?

In this breathtaking finale to The Thousandth Floor trilogy, Katharine McGee returns to her vision of 22nd-century New York: a world of startling glamour, dazzling technology, and unthinkable secrets. After all, when you have everything… you have everything to lose.

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Avery was more anxious and troubled in this book than in the past. She had more to lose and it really weighed on her.

Leda was more compassionate and selfless in this book. Her character really redeemed herself from her bad streak in the last book.

Max was really sweet and caring, but he could be oblivious at times.

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Some secrets are better buried. 

Katharine McGee does it again in this final installment of the Thousandth Floor series. This was one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2018 and it did not disappoint! The final book starts off in the usual Thousandth-Floor fashion; however, instead of having the mystery of not knowing who is dying in the prologue, McGee throws a curveball at us by naming them at the end of the prologue. And let me tell you, my jaw dropped!

After she dropped that bomb on us, the rest of the book had me on edge. I thought it was tense not knowing and trying to guess, but somehow knowing who it was made it so much worse!

Things get much more intense for the characters in this book as the police start looking into a certain person’s death. It looks like the past is finally coming back to haunt the characters. Not to mention we also have so much more drama heading Avery’s way in terms of her love life.

I actually felt really proud of Avery for a good stretch of the book. It seemed like things were finally going her way. She was getting over Atlas and had someone who really cared about her. She was patching things up with her friends. Honestly, things were going great–which was the biggest hint that things were about to go horribly wrong.

 “Didn’t you feel me, loving you from across the ocean?.” 

This is a series I can’t really go into much detail about because it ruins the experience, but I’ll say that I loved the way everyone’s relationships were tested in this book. There was every opportunity for heartache and betrayal. McGee sets up plenty of chances for things to go wrong (and sometimes they do). It was really hard to guess what decisions they’d make and–at least for me–that was part of the fun. I enjoyed that this book was never 100% predictable and that I could always look forward to being surprised by where the story would go next.

As far as the plot goes, I was not disappointed. The author kept me on my toes and made the book a rollercoaster of emotions. Plus, then we had the most dramatic of endings. I couldn’t believe how things ended, but it also felt oddly right. There was a sense of peace and hope to it that made me okay with it even though I would have loved to see two special characters get the happy ending they deserved.

Overall, this was a fantastic end to the series that kept me guessing at every turn and had me glued to every page. This is a series that does not disappoint and I highly recommend it to those who enjoy drama and romance with lots of obstacles.




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