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Review: Such a Secret Place

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Title:Such a Secret Place

Author:Cortney Pearson



Note:Such a Secret Place is a part of the Wrath and Ruin boxset. Buddy read with my good friend @DarqueDreamerReads.


She is their protector.

In an emotionless world, tears are a precious commodity, valued for their magic and sold on the black market.

When Ambry stumbles across a vial of these enchanted tears, she finds herself the target of not only the tyrannical Arcaian army, who is stealing her people’s magic left and right, but of handsome, battle-scarred Talon Haraway, who seeks the tears for his own personal vengeance.

Ambry soon realizes the reason for their interference: these tears are the most powerful ever shed. They are the key to saving her people and rescuing her brother and others who’ve been taken by the Arcaians.

With the Arcaian army threatening her every move, and Talon attempting to take the tears from her, Ambry must keep the tears safe at all costs.

Her people need them. Her brother needs them. She needs them.

And they need her.

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Ambry was really stubborn and loyal. She liked to protect others.

Gwynn was a good friend for a while, but then she became cold and heartless.

Talon was really pushy and kind of a jerk at times, but he meant well.

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No more fear. No more sadness. No more love. Only magic. And today, it’s my turn.

This was a book that had an interesting premise with tears granting wishes and holding power; however, that’s where it stopped being interesting for me. I spent most of this book confused or not caring about what was going on (there’s a fine line) so this will be a fairly short review.

Most of my confusion stemmed from the world building/history. There were so many things being said all the time that it was really hard to understand what the real history was between the groups. After a while I pretty much gave up and it became more about the characters and plot.

The characters themselves weren’t very captivating to me. They felt a little bland and the only one I cared about (Gwynn) took a bad turn. The romance in the book also didn’t develop naturally. It moved too quickly from friendship to love and ended up feeling like a crappy insta-love.

As for the plot, it moved very… very slowly. It felt like we spent so much time looking for the wizard and the meeting just felt so anticlimactic. The ending of the book didn’t really feel resolved at all either so it felt like a sudden ending rather than a planned one. Overall, this book wasn’t for me.




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