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Book Haul: May 2018

I know I’m a little behind so I’m going to be posting May, June, and July this week!

Physical Books

May book haul 2018.jpg


May ebook haul 2018.jpg



The Highlights

 Legendary: I like Caraval quite a bit, especially more towards the end so I knew I wanted to get this book. Plus, they had some pretty awesome preorder swag I wasn’t about to pass up ❤ You can find my Caraval Review here

Lifel1k3: This is an author I’m way overdue to check out. I’ve heard super awesome things about him and I always love seeing his updates on twitter so I wanted to get this book because I have a feeling he’s going to be an author I’m really gonna love ❤

Undead Girl Gang: I was able to get a sample of this book and I love the first chapters I had to get my hands on the whole book ❤

Olivia Twist: I love retellings and I was totally down to read an Oliver Twist retelling with him as a girl. It sounded fun and just something I could really enjoy. I actually just started reading this now (in July) and I am totally in love with this book!

The Remnant Chronicles: This is an author I also hear great things about from my best friend haha. So I feel like I need to get her books since my friend and I have very similar tastes. Plus, they were all on sale and I wasn’t gonna pass that up~

Ghosts of the Shadow Market: You know I love me some Cassandra Clare, so that’s all I gotta say ❤ I preordered pretty much all of these.

ARCs: Love me some NetGalley ARCs ❤

Furyborn: This is the book everyone seemed to be talking about so when I saw the ARC on NetGalley I said what the hell and went for it ❤

Anger is a Gift: Super awesome book guys! Ugh, seriously ❤ You can find my Anger is a Gift Review here.

Seraphina: Wasn’t too thrilled with Tess of the Road but I wanted to give her another try so I got my hands on a sample of Seraphina. You can find both reviews in the hyperlinks.

Undead Girl Gang: Another book people were talking about a lot. I really loved the first few chapters but the rest of the book was kinda… meh? Not bad but just nothing that would put it at the top of my list.





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