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Sunday Wrap Up

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It’s been a busy week guys, but I’m still alive!

Books I Need to Read: 
  • The New Dawn / ARC, March 1st
  • Furyborn / ARC, May 22nd
  • Just One of the Royals / ARC, June 4th
  • Bruja Born / ARC, June 5th
  • The Dream Thieves / Current Reads
  • When Fate Aligns / Buddy Read
  • Curse of the Ice Dragon / Buddy Read
  • Olivia Twist / Group Read
  • Legendary / Group Read
  • Beautiful Creatures / Current Read
  • Red Queen / Audiobook
Reviews I Need to Write:
  • Such a Secret Place
  • Our Dark Duet
  • Blood & Starlight
  • The White Rose
  • Jackaby
  • Undead Girl Gang



Sorry it’s been really quiet this week! I’ve been super busy at work creating art for my boss to put up on our walls. It’s been fun getting to use my drawing skills to bring something to the table. The kids love it and my boss and the assistant supervisor were super happy and impressed with it ❤ It just feels great to be able to make something cool for them and to be appreciated for it.

Buuuuut, I’m also a dumb so I totally screwed myself over this week because I made some food and was so hungry I decided to take a bite even though I just. Finished. Making it. So… I burned my throat. Which made for a couple of miserable days which then turned more miserable because I also caught a cold. And then I lost my voice yesterday and it’s just a mess today. Oh, and while all this miserableness was happening I had to do training to work over the summer so I was stuck at work for like 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday (today).

The good thing is that I work with wonderful people who are understanding and flexible so they let me go home Friday and skip the training then so I could rest up and come back strong for the other two days. Which worked out wonderfully. You know, minus my voice deciding to abandon ship. My cold seems to be going away though so yaaaaay. Now I just really need my voice.

But yeah, since my weekend was so busy with either work, training, or sleeping to get better–I didn’t get a lot of reading done. I finished Undead Girl Gang and did get about halfway through Red Queen earlier in the week before all the mess happened. I did a lot of catching up reading-wise in terms of my reading goal. I think I was something like 8 books behind but now I’m only 3 books behind.

I feel like I’m adding as many books to my reading list as I’m taking off haha. Part of that is because I have ARCs to read that are coming out this month (Just One of the Royals and Bruja Born–which will probabaly be a little late due to how busy/sick I was this weekend) and then part of it is that one of the groups on goodreads that I’m in is reading two awesome books that I’d really like to get to (Legendary and Olivia Twist) ❤ So here’s hoping that I’m not being too ambitious and that I’ll be able to do all the reading I want to do this summer!

Also, I was reading Beautiful Creatures as my audiobook but the chapters were out of sync and it got to be super annoying so I decided to just read the book instead and start up a new audiobook. And by out of sync I mean it said you were in chapter one for the audiobook but it did all of chapter one and part of chapter two so then “chapter two” in the audiobook is part of two and three. It just got messy and confusing when I’m trying to go back and highlight in my book so meh.

Oh! But another thing I did get to do as well was review Anger is a Gift. It is such a good book guys! Seriously, it’s great! But I won’t go on too long about it (that’s kind what the review is for haha) so if you’re interested in knowing if you should get it or if it’s for you then just click on the pink hyperlink up there and go read my review!

So yeah, that’s my update for this week. Sorry I didn’t get much done. I’m hoping to come back a little more this week but I might be busy adjusting to my summer job? It’s kinda up in the air if they’re gonna make me work this week (I technically don’t but they might schedule me anyways to work another area since they’re short-staffed). I’m kinda hoping they don’t simply because my voice isn’t back and I really should rest it. Send me good vibes guys! I need it back by next week at least for sure so I can start working!

Anyways, I hope to have more updates for you guys soon. Have a lovely summer! And break, for those of you still in school~ (you earned it!) Happy reading! ❤





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