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Sunday Wrap Up


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All the reading!

Books I Need to Read: 
  • The New Dawn / ARC, March 1st
  • Furyborn / ARC, May 22nd
  • Just One of the Royals / ARC, June 4th
  • Bruja Born / ARC, June 5th
  • The Dream Thieves / Current Reads
  • When Fate Aligns / Buddy Read
  • Curse of the Ice Dragon / Buddy Read
  • Jackaby / Audiobook
Reviews I Need to Write:
  • Such a Secret Place
  • Our Dark Duet
  • Blood & Starlight
  • Anger is a Gift
  • The White Rose



So, I’ve done a lot of reading this weekend. Now I just need to catch up on reviews haha. I started a new thing this week to kind of help with that since I tend to have these gaps between finishing and reviewing books. I found an empty notebook and now I just jot down the major things I like or dislike about the book as I read along so that it’s easier to refresh my memory and sort my thoughts out when I type up my reviews. I know someone told me they did this forever ago and when I saw the notebook I decided now was as good as any time to actually start doing that.

And as you can see I’m almost caught up with my ARCs for this month! I had three ARCs all come in at the same time on NetGalley so it threw me off schedule a bit but I was so excited to have been approved! I finished Aftermath pretty quickly and just loved it! Such an emotional rollercoaster with that one. I’m currently working on my review for Anger is a Gift which I also really loved. All I have left to read is Furyborn. Then I have one from March I’m overdue on and then just two more for June which I anticipate I’ll breeze through fairly quickly considering how much I enjoyed the previous books in the series.

Then I just finished reading/listening to the audiobook for The White Rose by Amy Ewing today! I had fun with the audiobook. There were definitely a couple of things that bothered me, but overall still a good read. Can’t wait to finish the series ❤ And then I started Jackaby because I like to always have an audiobook to listen to before/after work …. but it was so good I’m almost done with it already xD I literally just started it today and I’m 73% finished! Maybe I’ll finish it tonight, if not probably tomorrow for sure.

And as a final note… it was my birthday this week! Yaaaaaay~ *confetti everywhere* I had a nice time going out with my best friend, eating dinner at our favorite Thai place, catching up, and then she took me out to Barnes & Noble to let me pick out a birthday book ❤

Overall, just a great week. So, that’s my update for now, have a great week everyone!





5 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up

  1. I have a tiny little notebook that I write my notes on so I can keep track of characters and things like that. I use it to also mark if it’s an arc, if I got it from the library, etc. It certainly helps!

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    1. Yeah! That’s pretty much what mine’s for! I tend to remember major details of the story for a while but I’ll forget about specific reasons for why I did/didn’t like the book if I wait too long. It comes back to me but it takes me way longer to work through my thoughts xD So it’s been super helpful to have something to look back on.

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