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WWW Wednesday


(We’re gonna pretend I posted this on time xP)

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @TakingOnAWorldOfWords. All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

☆ What are you currently reading?

☆ What did you recently finish reading?

☆ What do you think you’ll read next?


What Are You Currently Reading

I finished my last audiobook so I started listening to The White Rose ❤ It’s a pretty good series and I really enjoy the narrator so it just makes it fun to listen to. I’m almost halfway done so yay~ I’m really trying to close the gap on my reading challenge because I’ve been behind for a while.

I’m also reading Anger is a Gift by Mark Oshiro! It just came out on the 22nd and it is so great! I’m 65% done so far (it’s actually why I got so distracted and forgot to post this on Wednesday) and I’m really enjoying it ❤

This is the last book in my Current Reads list that I have to read. I was going to put it off until I caught up with all my ARCs but I think I want to read it anyways. I’m behind and I just really want to continue the series with The Dream Thieves.

What did you Recently Finish Reading

Most of these I still need to write reviews for. I’ve been more in a reading than writing/reviewing mood because (repeats once more) I’m behind on my reading goal. I finished Our Dark Duet recently and it just kind of hit me. Ugh, that ending! Seriously, it was just… I can’t. Ahhhh, such a good duet but I couldn’t fully accept that ending.

I also finished the awesome Aftermath by Kelly Armstrong which just came out on the 22nd! This one I actually have a review up for so you can check out my Aftermath review down below!

Oh! And I finished Days of Blood & Starlight! Which I consider a major accomplishment because my boyfriend bought it for my birthday last year. So it only took me about a year to get to it lol! And just in time for him to get me a new book for my birthday xP (Which is today!)

And finally, I read Labyrinth Lost this month so I could get ready for Bruja Born ❤ I really loved the worldbuilding and the family aspect of the book. The magic and characters were interesting too. Overall, a really fun read!



What do You Think You’ll Read Next


Whoo! I’m so excited I got an ARC for Furyborn! I know it just came out and everything so I didn’t get to read it on time. I got the ARC the week before it came out so it just caught me off guard, but I’ve heard it’s amazing and I can’t wait to read it for myself! I’ll be starting it as soon as I’m done with Anger is a Gift.

I’m also overdue on The New Dawn so after my last round of books, I’ll be going back to this one. I really want to see where it goes, I just kept getting too distracted with other books and I really just want to catch up on my ARCs for NetGalley before the end of summer.

And alsoooooo, I’m going to be reading Undead Girl Gang! I loved the sample (you can find my Mini Review for it here) I read and I want a physical book to read in between all the ebooks I’m reading so yeah, gonna pick up this one! ❤





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