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Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble: Why Amazon is Winning



It Happened

Yeah, okay, we’re gonna talk about this. Because lately–no, for a while now… I’ve been buying more books on Amazon than from the Nook app. There. I said it!


Look, I can explain, okay! I swear! It’s not like I stopped loving Barnes & Noble (*pets* shhh it’s okay, I still love you but *covers its ears*) but Amazon has just been rocking my world. Like… Amazon just makes things… easy. Not that it’s perfect either. So, let’s just get into this.

  • Highlighting: It’s super easy. If I just need to highlight one word then I hold down on it and pick the color. If I want to highlight a sentence or more I can hold down and drag then just let go. If I need to highlight from one page to the next I just hover over the edge and it continues onto the next page.
  • Series: Unfortunately, the library doesn’t stack books of the same series together.
  • Archiving/Book Removal: I can select multiple books at once to remove from my device (like if I finished a bunch of books and don’t want them downloaded anymore).
  •  Shelves/Collections: You’re easily able to create a collection of books and add/remove from the list as necessary.
  •  Shop/Deals: It’s really easy to find deals. It’s all in a nice section and then you can go through by genre. I’ve never run into a problem where there’s a book in there that’s not supposed to be (like a book not being on sale anymore but still being in the sale section). The shop also shows you books in the same series, but not always. You can click on the author name and see all books by that author.
  •  Audiobooks: I love Audible. It’s easy to listen to and make clips/bookmarks. You can always return a book and get your credit back to use on another book too. They have daily deals so you can get books for cheap. There are also sales pretty often ❤
  •  Syncing: If I buy a book on Amazon and I have/buy an audiobook for it I can switch back and forth easily to read or listen. I don’t have to hunt down exactly where I left off.
  •  NetGalley/Edelweiss: This is a cool bonus perk ❤ I can have my ARCs from NetGalley and Edelweiss sent directly to my Amazon account so I can read them there instead of having to do the tedious tasks of downloading it to my computer, hooking up my nook, and then transferring the file.
  •  Goodreads: Again, a fun bonus perk of being able to see books that my friends on Goodreads like/have read recently.
Barnes and Noble
  • Highlighting: is honestly such a pain on the nook. It works by character so sometimes you think you highlighted a sentence but the highlight stops in the middle of a word. Plus, you have to hold down to start the highlight then go click on one end and drag it to where you want it to end. I can’t highlight onto another page. Like if the quote starts at the bottom of one page and then continues onto another page–I’d have to do it in two parts. Pretty much make two highlights.
  • Series: The library stacks books of the same series together, making it easy to find/continue a series and keeps your library more organized.
  •  Shelves/Collections: Just like the Kindle App, you’re easily able to create a collection of books and add/remove from the list as necessary.
  • Archiving/Book Removal: One of the most annoying things is that when I want to archive multiple books I have to go through one by one. There’s no way to just select them all and remove them all together.
  •  Shop/Deals: Using the shop is annoying at times. I like that it shows you all the books by the author(s) and all books in the series. However, when it comes to looking at deals it’s really annoying going through the $1.99 and under section and seeing a bunch of books that are no longer on sale in that section. Because sometimes I’ll get my hopes up about something and it turns out it’s not on sale. It just needs to be better organized and updated.
  •  Audiobooks: I really dislike Nook Audiobooks for two reasons. 1) The app crashes randomly all the time so that I have to stop what I’m doing (I listen while I do chores and stuff) and go open it back up to get it to play again. 2) They don’t really have sales very often. Their deals section is lacking too. It has new deals every month in it’s Monthly Finds section, but it’s only about a dozen items and I may only see one or two YA books in there–if I’m lucky. I think if it would just play and not crash I would like it a hundred times more.
  •  Syncing: You can’t go back and forth between ebooks and audiobooks the way you can with the Audible/Kindle app.
  •  NetGalley/Edelweiss: This is just a bonus factor that Barnes and Noble/Nook just doesn’t have. I can’t send my ARCs directly to my Nook device.
  •  Goodreads: There’s no connection to Goodreads. Not necessarily bad but just something to note.
Barnes and Noble Needs to Step Up Its Game

So, as you can see, Amazon is just better in tune with what we need as readers. At least, that’s the way it feels like to me. It makes it easier to connect to other book-related sites (Goodreads, NetGalley, Edelweiss), it makes reading/highlighting easy, the Audible program/app works well, and it has better sales.

Not to say that I don’t still buy books from the Nook app. I love my Nook device and I have a feeling I’d like it more than the Kindle (although I’ve never had one so I don’t have a true point of reference). I still buy books from Barnes and Noble/Nook app because sometimes a book will be on sale with them and not Amazon. I don’t see a reason to cut it out entirely, but I have a greater appreciation for Amazon/Kindle app now that I’ve been using it for a while.


Tell Me Your Thoughts

What about you guys? Do you prefer Amazon or Barnes and Noble? If you’ve tried both, do you like the Kindle or Nook better and why? Let me know in the comments! I’m actually pretty curious about the Kindle *looks around*.






10 thoughts on “Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble: Why Amazon is Winning

  1. My library also sends ebooks directly to my amazon account, which is super useful. At least, it was back when my tablet actually worked… If I wanted to read a library book on a kindle device I would probably have to download it as a PDF, and so then it wouldn’t have any functionality as an ebook. Bonus to the Nook though, is that B&N customer service is EXCELLENT. I always recommend Nooks to elderly folks looking to get an ereader because the B&N staff will completely set it up for them, download their whole first set of books, and even run workshops. It’s great for the technologically disinclined.

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    1. I did not know the library thing. I don’t know how many other libraries do that, but that is a really cool feature! Yeah, I haven’t had a kindle device before so I don’t know how much better it is than the nook. And yes! B&N service is a big plus for them! I’ve only been to one Amazon bookstore and it was okay, but it was kind of small and really far from my town so it’s not like it’s convenient to go there.

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      1. I think a lot of libraries have ebooks these days! My library uses overdrive, which is the one that syncs with amazon. Overdrive is a REALLY popular ebook source for libraries. Hoopla is the other popular one, and I’ve never used it so I don’t know if it’s synced with Kindle or not. It may be more of a thing where any device can download the Hoopa app.

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      2. Yeah, I think they have a lot of ebooks and audiobooks available. I just don’t go to the library because it’s far for me. But I’ve been thinking about using the Libby app once I get my new phone so that I can start using that resource more often.

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