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WWW Wednesday


WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @TakingOnAWorldOfWords. All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

☆ What are you currently reading?

☆ What did you recently finish reading?

☆ What do you think you’ll read next?


What Are You Currently Reading


I received the ARC for The New Dawn literally the day before it came out so yes, I’m behind on that, haha. But I’m really looking forward to coming back to the series. I was also lucky enough to get the ARC for the first book when that one came out so I wanted to keep supporting the author when I saw the second title go up on NetGalley. The first book was pretty good so I’m excited to see if I get more of my questions answered!

The Raven Boys, as I’ve mentioned before, has been sitting on my “currently reading” forever. And it’s not bad (it’s pretty addicting once you get past the 5 chapters I kept rereading lol) it’s just that I would put it down because of an ARC that I gave priority to, and then I’d start over with it, then another ARC–pretty much a loop. But, no longer! I caved and got the audiobook to listen to while I’m working with my mom during the week and even though I don’t like the narrator (kind of a bland voice in my opinion) I love the story! Seriously, just creepy, mysterious, good old paranormal genre ❤ I’m actually almost done with this one. I have 9 chapters left! So hopefully I can get that done before my friend gets off work and we go play games online!

And lastly, another ARC I’m behind on *hides*. Love this series though so I’m sure I’m going to finish this one super fast. My friend, Lourdes, is already taunting me with her knowledge of how good The Rogue Queen was so I’m like AHHHHH! I gotta get to it so I can find out for myself ❤

What did you Recently Finish Reading

I finally got to This Savage Song! This one was sitting around with The Raven Boys for a while too. I think because I meant to group buddy read with one of my goodreads groups but then I didn’t have time for it. Either way, so mad I didn’t read it sooner because IT’S SO GOOD! I’m definitely checking out her other stuff, I’ve been told her Shades of Magic series is amazing too so good thing I bought those a while back lol.

And I read another book in the Wrath and Ruin bookset as part of my buddy read with @DarqueDreamerReads! We read Replica first but recently finished A Sky of Shattered Stars which was kind of promising but had a messy ending. Don’t have my review up for this one yet but I’ll be working on the reviews for both books we read this week.

I also read Seven-Sided Spy which I felt the same way about as A Sky of Shattered Stars. It was supposed to be a spy thriller but most of the book the characters were just hiding on a mountain talking about their good old days so…. it was not thrilling.


This Savage Song │ Seven-Sided Spy

What do You Think You’ll Read Next

Okay, so I was totally okay with where the first book ended, but also not okay because I’m like “I have to know what happens next!” So, I’m jumping into Days of Blood & Starlight a lot quicker than usual. You know how I am, I like to take breaks between series and kinda shuffle around but not with this one! I just really enjoyed the writing style and characters ❤ I see myself reading more of her work in the near future.

I also want to finish the Monsters of Verity duology. One of my reading goals was to finish/catch up on 4 series so Our Dark Duet will be a quick, fast way to get one of those 4 out of the way. Loved the first book, the characters and their development was awesome, plus the world building ❤ It was just awesome all around.

And last but definitely not least: A Court of Wings and Ruin. This series started off okay, then it just freaking stole my heart. I most certainly had to take a break after ACOMAF because it was just so… much. Too much awesome all at once, but I’m ready (I think) for this one! Plus, A Court of Frost and Starlight is coming out in May so I want to be caught up before then!




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