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How I Fit 700+ Books In My Room

So I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a ridiculous amount of books. Most recently when I did a post for the Mystery Blogger Award, I mentioned how I just pretty much pile books all over the place. Destiny @HowlingLibraries wanted to see just that so here I am doing something I’ve never done before: sharing my giant book hoard collection.


The Books

Note: Keep in mind most of these stacks actually have another stack behind them lol


  1. This is a shelf up above my closet. I have mostly sketchbooks up there but I do have a corner that just has books. Behind these are some more manga (my Cardcaptor Sakura and Rayearth volumes)
  2. So I was originally supposed to use this for shoes in my closet… but I made all my shoes fit on the bottom level and used this section for books xD
  3. Little shelf things in my closet that were for clothes, but they sat empty for so long that I filled them with books. And there’s a stack behind these as well.
  4. Let’s air my dirty laundry (I wanted to make that joke forever)! A hamper I never use because I have a different bin I use for laundry so I hid my books in there lol.
  5. This is literally a pile/stack of books that takes up a decent amount of floor space in my closet.
  6. Books piled near my bedroom door and piano/keyboard. You can even see a couple books sitting on it haha.
  7. And beneath the chair I use when I play piano (not as often as I should)? MORE BOOKS!
  8. I had a pretty much empty drawer from the new dresser I got a little while back so I decided to put all my mass-market paperbacks (nearly all of it Sherrilyn Kenyon) in it.
  9. A tiny stack of books I keep on my bedside table. Since Lourdes and I were supposed to read Cassandra Clare stuff together (YOU LEFT ME BEHIND).
  10. I remember sharing this on Instagram a while back, but I pretty much used this ladder on my bunk bed that’s up against the wall (therefore, useless and never used) as bookshelves. I put all the series I want to start soon and books I’m currently reading on it. Like a makeshift immediate TBR pile.
  11. And finally, my poor little bookcase. Each of those stacks has another behind it. There’s also another shelf at the bottom you can’t see that has hardcovers on it. But those are mostly series I’ve read. And on top of my bookcase are my artbooks ❤


So basically, I’ve just been playing Tetris with books lol (and winning!)





14 thoughts on “My Book Collection

  1. OMG. And here I thought my 240 books were a lot. Can I come live at your house? lol. I love it though! You are clearly a tetris master with your books. Mine just sit wherever this is space in my tiny apartment.

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    1. That’s also what I thought back when I only had books filling up my bookcase! I think my bookcase alone has about 200 sitting on it. Lol you could but then there’d be less book space! xD Yeah, my room isn’t that big. I just make it work the best I can, but I’m definitely running out of space.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a Harry Potter closet and have been resorting to putting my books in there. lol. It’s horrible. Where do you get all your books from?

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