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Thursday Quotables: A Sky of Shattered Stars


Hello guys, and welcome to another Thursday Quotables post!

Thursday Quotables was created by @Bookshelf Fantasies and it’s basically a post to share a quote or passage from your reading that week that you thought was funny, interesting, or that you just enjoyed in some way.

This week I’m sharing a passage from A Sky of Shattered Stars by Ali Winters (part of the Wrath and Ruin box set):

Her cheeks burned. She couldn’t remember the last time she had met anyone new, but it had never been like that. This evening was making every nerve in her body stand on end. Silently, she prayed to the stars above that it would pass quickly and then added that she hoped her betrothed would grow to be something more than a pleasant acquaintance, maybe even a friend.


I’m really excited for this one actually ❤ I started buddy reading this with @DarqueDreamerReads and I’m really enjoying it so far. I like the plot and the characters, I especially like the Earth prince and I’m hoping this forbidden romance takes off. It’s got a pretty smooth writing style that makes it easy to read. I think this could be a good cute romance with some action thrown in there too. Here’s hoping the rest of the book is just as good!





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