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Sunday Wrap Up

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Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done this week. I got sick and spent most of the time in bed. Today is actually the first day I felt like really getting up and doing something besides sleeping. I also got 3 more books from Barnes & Noble~ (oops)!

Books I Need to Read: 
  • Seven-Sided Spy
  • The Rogue Queen
  • A Sky of Shattered Stars
  • A Torch Against the Night
  • The New Dawn
Reviews I Need to Write:
  • Cayleth Warding and the Scarlet One
  • Replica
  • Crooked Kingdom
  • This Savage Song
  • Tess of the Road

Yay, so finally getting some traction with my job hiring process (however small it may be) and I have my CPR training this week so I’m nervous and excited to get it over with. It’s going to be an intense hour and a half at 8am lol, but it beats doing the whole 6 hours course at once! Yeah, not much to report in terms of reading or reviews right now with me being sick, but now that I’m getting better I feel motivated enough to do both again. I’ll see you guys soon with another update!





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