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T5W: Books You’ve Read Because of Blogging

Hey guys! I haven’t made a T5W post in a long time. I really couldn’t think of books to fit the theme most of the time and/or had other posts on the same day so I didn’t wanna post twice. Anyways, I thought this week was one I could definitely do, so let’s jump into this week’s T5W topic:

Books You’ve Read Because of Booktube/Blogging/etc. 
Discuss the books you’ve picked up because you’ve heard of them in the online book community or platform you use



1) Even the Darkest Stars

I read this one because I saw my friends review of it on her blog. She and I have very similar taste in books so I had a good feeling I’d like it as well. I ended up LOVING this book ❤ I got it as an ARC and you can check out my Even the Darkest Stars Review here.

2) They Both Die at the End

This was one that I saw coming up a lot in the blogs I follow. Everyone seemed to love it so I thought “hey, I should check this out”. I immediately liked the concept for the story, a world where people get a notice the day they’re supposed to die so that they have time to get their affairs in order and make the most of their last day. This was another ARC I was lucky enough to get. Here’s my They Both Die at the End Review.

3) Cinder

This is another really popular book that came up a lot. It was always on people’s lists for favorite books (usually retellings). I recently got into retellings and knowing that so many people liked the series I put it on my TBR. I didn’t actually read it until one of my Goodreads groups had it for that month’s buddy read. You can check out my Cinder Review here.

4) The Hundredth Queen 

Another one I saw on my friend’s blog. I’d also seen it on a few other blogs I follow as well. Reviews on this one were kinda mixed. You either loved it or hated it, but knowing that my friend and I tend to like the same things I decided to request it on NetGalley and I do not regret it ❤ I really loved this one and you can find the review for The Hundredth Queen here.

5) Caraval

Last, but not least! Caraval was super popular for a while. You found it everywhere and it was another book you either loved or hated. I for one liked it a lot. Maybe not as much as others, but I still thought it was pretty good. My review for Caraval can be found here.




7 thoughts on “T5W: Books You’ve Read Because of Blogging

    1. Haha, well Cinder was good. It wasn’t amazing, but good. Everyone has told me it’s the weakest book of the series because it’s kind of obvious with some of the plot, but every book after this is supposed to get better and better.


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