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Job Interview

Sorry for the long silence this week everyone! I had a job interview that I was all nervous about and getting ready for. I had it yesterday and I think it went well. They said I’d get a call back on Friday to let me know their final decision. Ahhh, I’m so nervous. I really hope I get it, too, because it’d give me more experience working with students and that’s really similar to what I want to do in the future. I really enjoy working in school settings and I think I could do well working there. Plus, I’d have some money coming in to do all my other stuff. You know like… buy books, pay for essentials… buy books, haha.

I fell a little behind on my reviews so I’ll be posting two in the next few days. Another good thing about this job is that it’s only 4 hours a day, Monday through Friday so I’d still have plenty of time to read and work on my blog. Anyways, just giving everyone a heads up about posting this week.





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