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Black Desert Online


I thought I’d post something kinda non-book related (I feel like most people are probably clicking out now, haha) for once. Especially since this is the game that’s been consuming my time lately and is also how I’ve been getting a lot of reading done.

I didn’t know about this game until my friend told me about it. We picked it up about a month ago on Steam when it went on sale because the character customization looked cool. There’s a lot of detail in it which is super awesome (ex. for the eyes you can pick the iris, pupil, and lens color/shapes/effects, it’s crazy). My number one complaint, however, will forever be how jiggly they made the females. If you turn your character at all the boobs (and booty) jiggle a lot. It’s ridiculous and bothers me whenever any game does it but this is just too much xD

But, it’s a pretty fun game! Addicting even in an odd way because if you told me it was going to be super detailed and complex mechanics of it I would probably be like “That’s not for me” but it kinda is? It just gives me a lot to do so that if I get bored doing one thing there’s a whole ton of other things I can do.

It was a little intimidating off the bat, and my friends and I pretty much sped through the beginning of the game and didn’t really start figuring out all the crafting and farming details until we were about level 30-something. We were mostly interested in fighting things so we ignored a lot of other things. I got us to finally start paying attention to them and going back to old quests when I found out something cool about the game from a quest I went back to. Then we all just kinda went back through.

A good—or bad, could go either way—thing, too, is that there are like a million quests to do in every town. The game even tells you what percent of quests you’ve completed. The thing that sucks (and I wish they wouldn’t have) is that they have a limit on the number of accepted quests you can have. So I’m constantly between really full on quests and rushing to finish a ton of them so I can do more in another place.

“Now, Liz, with all these millions of things to do, how exactly do you get reading done?”

Oh, I’ll tell you how. This is like my favorite thing about the game honestly. Most quests will tell you where the NPC or quest area is, so you just right click on the quest and you’ll see where to go… BUT THEN THERE’S AN AUTORUN FEATURE. This is how I get all my reading done. I’ll just set myself to travel somewhere and then hit the auto-run button and I’ll just start reading while I travel to wherever I’m going. It’s great because I get to multitask and I don’t get behind on my ARCs and stuff. I have finished books while playing this game, haha, that’s how great it is.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you guys. I’ll leave you with some screenshots of my character. She’s got this cool outfit for another 5 days (it was a 7day free pack. If you wanted to buy one it’s about $30 real dollars unless you get lucky and nab one in the game’s marketplace with just in-game currency so yeaaaaaah). Love her hair because it’s Purple to black to pink ❤ It just looks cool.

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3 thoughts on “Black Desert Online

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it can be pretty fun, especially when you have others to play with you.

      I think the game does a pretty good job at teaching you how to play too (it has a lot of tutorial-ish quests to teach basics in just about everything). Plus it usually gives you step-by-step instructions for quests if you get lost when you click on them.

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      1. Yeah, that was our intention was to play together, but since I am a housewife, they never have time to play with me. My husband only ever wants to play Factorio now (bane of my existence!) and my brother usually just settles for us playing Dark Souls 3 lol. We used to play Skyrim and 2 Moons a long time ago.


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