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ARC: Diary of a Teenage Jewel Thief


I just finished reading this cute contemporary YA romance that I received from NetGalley. My full review will be up next week but I figured I’d share a little preview and show off this book in the meantime since it’ll be out next month. 

Diary of a Teenage Jewel Thief follows Marisol Flores and her mother after they move to New York and escape from their dangerous and deadly rival, Petrov. While Marisol has always wondered—and even wished—for a normal life, she’s not really sure she’s cut out for it. She has trouble shaking off old habits, making new friends, and runs into a different kind of trouble when she meets handsome Will Campbell, her sidewalk Romeo. Will makes her stomach fill with butterflies and makes her let her guard down—something she can’t afford to do.

I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant about how quickly Will showed an interest in Marisol, but I ended up loving their moments together anyways. Will was really cute in the ways he looked out for Marisol. I think that’s what sold me on their relationship was how he didn’t just show romantic interest right off the bat by flirting all the time or pushing boundaries with her. Instead, he did little things like wait for her after school or bring her coffee on their morning walks.

This was also an incredibly easy read. Everything just flowed really well and I enjoyed the romance quite a bit. And I think the book left off on a good note.

This book comes out on August 8th, and I’ll have my review up next week so keep an eye out! It’s really worth checking out if you’re into YA romance.  





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