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Ebooks: Free, Cheap, and Where to Get Them


Feeding Your Book Addiction

I think from my monthly Book Hauls it’s pretty clear that I go a little overboard in the ebook department. Mostly because it’s a great way to get books but save a lot of space (which I desperately need to considering the piles of books that have taken over my room). I also do my best to save money by finding good deals on ebooks.

I wanted to share a little of my ebook shopping knowledge with all of you. This is not me coming here as an expert, but just sharing my personal experience. I hope you find it useful, and if you know any other sites or anything please let me know. I’ll check them out c:


The Big Ones

Barnes & Noble and Amazon are the two big ones I use. I have both the Kindle app and Nook app on my phone. It’s also nice because I can sync up my reading across devices.

Barnes and Noble / Nook App
  • The obvious place to start is the Teen Books $2.99 and Under section. Just be careful because it’s kinda weird. Sometimes after the book goes back up to regular price it still floats around in there.
  • I also check the Teen Bestsellers section because sometimes a popular book does go on sale, but doesn’t show up in the $2.99 and Under section
  • Another place to check is the Nook Bundles section. I’ve had pretty good luck finding some bundles when they go on sale.
  • Essential Teen Tales is kind of like the Teen Bestsellers. It’s a good place to check to see if any popular books are on sale.
  • The other place that I look through is my Wishlist. The only downside is that Barnes & Noble doesn’t alert you about price drops for items on your wishlist, which is really a shame.

With all of these, I look through them at least once a week, usually at the start of the week on Monday to see if there’s anything new.

Amazon / Kindle App

I actually don’t know Amazon that well since most of the deals I get for Amazon ebooks are from other places. But here’s what I do know:

  • The Kindle Unlimited program is really great for people who read a lot. It’s got a pretty wide selection of books, and some really great ones. I tried it for a while and liked it but since I wouldn’t use it much with so many physical books I own/need to read I know I wouldn’t get much use of it at this point in time (might get it back later).
  • Along the same lines is Amazon Prime, which has a ton of benefits including the ability to borrow one book a month from the Kindle Unlimited section. So if you already have Prime then you might as well make use of the KU benefit too.
 Publisher Newsletters & Email Deals

Besides just Barnes & Noble and Amazon, there are also some other places that I’m subscribed to and where I get deals from. Most of these places you have to sign up for and you’ll get daily or weekly emails. You can also customize what genres you’d like to see for most of these. Links are provided!

  • Steamy Book Bargains is good for adult romance books.
  • Love Kissed Book Bargains is another romance one for freebies and deals.
  • Bookbub also sends you emails for deals and free ebooks. You can also follow authors that you like so that you’ll get notified when there’s a deal or release for one of their books.
  • Love Kissed Suspense is yet another romance one. This one has deals and freebies.
  • Bookperk from HarperCollins sends you email deals for ebooks and it’s good to have because it often includes popular YA books. It helps me catch ya book sales on Barnes & Noble and Amazon that I might otherwise miss.
  • BookRiot is one of my favorites because they have different newsletters to sign up for. They have some specifically for YA, Sci-Fi, Nonfiction, etc. The biggest reason I like them is they have giveaways often that you can sign up for. Usually, it doesn’t require anything other than signing up for one of their newsletters and getting emails/newsletters from the sponsors.
  • Bookshout is another great one too for ebook deals.
  • Riffle also gives emails for deals, freebies, and giveaways.
  • Freebooksy is exclusively for (you guessed it) free ebooks. Although they will usually include a “deal” book at the bottom of the email.
  • Instafreebie is a good, but you have to be kinda careful because most of the time you’re required to sign up for the author’s newsletter. If you go on a download spree you could soon end up with like 50 emails in your inbox from all these newsletters, haha. This is also where I got a book I was apparently required to review as well (which they’d never done that before) so just a heads up because I’m not sure if that was exclusive to that author or if this is a new thing.
  • Epic Reads is another huge favorite of mine and another one associated with HarperCollins. They have emails for deals, but they also do First Five where you get to check out the first five chapters of popular books (one chapter each day) which is great if you see a book you might want but aren’t sure about. I also follow their booktube channel!
  • Fierce Reads from Macmillan is more for deals, but I also love their emails with lists of books in different categories (they made a really awesome Pride Day list with LGBTQ books).
  • Tor Teen is another from Macmillan. I’ve been a bit iffy on if I like this one, but I keep it for the ebook deal emails.
Author Newsletters

With most of the newsletters above, there’s a good chance that I’ll come across a giveaway at some point that will require me to sign up for an author newsletter. Which then turns out to be a thread you can follow forever because that author will have giveaways later on that will make me subscribe to more authors. Sometimes I just google my favorite authors online to see if they have a website and if they have a sign up for emails/newsletters. What’s good about author newsletters?

  • Giveaways: They either host them or link you to others ones they know about
  • Ebook Deals: You can know when they have a deal on one of their books, or another author’s.
  • Knowing the Author: You get to know more about the author beyond just the pages.
  • Book Recommendations: They share books with you that they’ve read and enjoyed
  • ARCS: Usually they’ll be looking for ARC readers at some point, or invite you to join their street team.
  • Extras / Exclusives: They usually have exclusive scenes or extras that only subscribers can know about. Or you just get extra information about their book’s universe, characters, etc.

The only downside to these is that they can get to be a bit too much if you go giveaway-sign-up crazy. So probably every month or every other month I take a good look at those newsletters I get because of giveaways and purge any that I’m not really interested in.


There are also some websites where you can download free ebooks. You usually have to do some work to find good books. If you can’t find a book easily remember to try a few different things: look by author, book title, series title, series acronym (like for Throne of Glass you might try ToG) or something like that. I’m also cautious with these because they are random downloads. So just something to be aware of.  I used to use Epubbud.com, but unfortunately, that site is gone. It was one of the few that I didn’t have problems with and was pretty easy to navigate, so if you know of any really good ones let me know!


Now You Know

So now everyone knows why I always have a giant Ebook section of my Monthly Bookhaul post, haha. If there’s a deal for a popular ebook to be had you can be sure I’ll know about it. I hope you guys find this useful and feel free to hit me up in the comments with any other websites, newsletters, etc. that you use to get free/cheap ebooks!







8 thoughts on “Ebooks: Free, Cheap, and Where to Get Them

  1. I have a lot of ebooks too. I download every chance I get. Currently i have about 200, haven’t read all tho. Crazy, right?

    For free eBook: go to google and search eBook hunter,
    There also ibookpile, vk, bbbooks.org(but it doesn’t work sometimes).

    Happy downloading.

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  2. Excellent and thorough list! Goodreads’ email usually is the closest one to the books I want, but BookBub and Amazon do a good job. My newest one is BookRebel. I try to get as many as I can! 😈😈😈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I recently found another new one as well that you can use through Facebook messenger. It just sends you a free book rec once a day. It’s called Bookbot Bob (I love that name). So far it’s doing okay, it just has a really small number of genres to select from. And oooh! I’ll have to check BookRebel out!

      Liked by 1 person

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