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Book Haul: June 2017

Little late because I was getting ready for all the jury duty stuff but I was actually dismissed so I’m free now! *throws all the confetti* But yeah, finally got around to this. As always, my book haul was huge. I especially had a more than a few from NetGalley ❤


Physical Books

June Physical Haul.jpg



June Ebook Haul.jpg


download (7)



Here are some of the highlights of my Book Haul:

I was able to get Bridge to Terabithia for $1 at Book Off with my friend. I was super excited too and glad I decided to check for it right as we were leaving because I’ve been wanting to reread this one for a while now. I’m ready for all the feels.

Thirteen Reasons Why I just kinda picked up because a lot of people have talked about it and I wanna see what it’s all about. Especially because people complain about it so much (more the TV show than the book).

The other big one I was excited to get my hands on was Now I Rise ❤ Ugh, I absolutely love Kiersten White. I’m a big fan of her writing style and I also really loved the And I Darken in particular (Review Here).

For my Ebook section, the whole first line of books are those I received from NetGalley, with the exception of Delinquent which I received from the author in exchange for a review (which will be up tomorrow!) I’m about halfway done with The Waking Land and I’m kinda enjoying it so I should have a review up for that soon as well. Oh! And I just realized that I forgot to include Lost Boy in this picture so I’ll just add it at the bottom. It was amazing too, one of the best books I’ve gotten of NetGalley (Review here).

I was also really happy to get Labyrinth Lost on sale because it’s one of those I’ve been wanting to read but just held off on it because I didn’t wanna pay full price, haha. That and the cover is gorgeous ❤

And, I just realized I’m one person away from having 100 followers! So when I finally get to that milestone I’m thinking of doing a giveaway! Thank you to everyone who has followed me thus far ❤






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