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Reminder About Next Week

I think I mentioned in a couple other posts that I’ll be having jury duty next week so my posting may be spotty for a while. It all depends on whether or not I get selected at some point during my one-week term. So I could be stuck going there for just a week, two weeks, or (worst case scenario if they never got my email) the original one-month term. I’m really hoping that last one doesn’t happen because I emailed and called a bunch of times (although I was hung up on every time–couldn’t even talk to an actual person).

I’m going to try my best to post as much as I can, but it depends on when I get home from jury duty each day (because honestly, every time I’ve gone there to sit around for a day I’ve come home strangely exhausted).

And also: I would’ve tried to get a post in yesterday but the power was out almost all day! (Well, that and my friend was over). Apparently, there was a fire near a power line or something so the city had to cut power in my neighborhood while they fixed it. I say apparently because we weren’t actually home at the time, so I’m not exactly sure what went down. Glad it’s back now though!

The two good things about jury duty are: 1) I get paid for the days I have to go in (#bookmoney), and 2) I’ll have plenty of reading time.

The bad things: I have to wake up super early to get there on time, and you’re usually stuck there all day.

These are the times I wish I had a clone, haha.






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