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FFF: Anastasia


fiercefangirlfridayFierce Fangirl Fridays is a meme hosted by Jackie @TooMuchOfABooknerd. It’s basically a space to just share the things you really, truly love whether they be books or not. Anything goes! Just remember to pingback to her post! Also, thanks to Jessica @JessicaMarie493 because I saw this meme over on her blog first and decided to try it out!




Like every time someone asks me who my favorite princess is, this is it. Either closely tied to or right above Ariel from the Little Mermaid (which I will concede is my favorite if people insist it has to be a Disney princess). PLUS it always annoys me just a little when someone says this is Disney. IT’S NOT DISNEY. But I love it all the same ❤


I loved that Anastasia had character. She wasn’t just looking for a man. She was so strong, independent, and sassy! Honestly, the sass alone made me love her.


Her scenes with Dimitri usually made me laugh (when I wasn’t fawning over how cute they were together).


And I loved how he was the one chasing her all through the movie. He didn’t even know it was her he was looking for and then… then he started caring about her, and he realized he couldn’t use her like he wanted and… and… *gets all the feels* AHHHH.


This one part always gave me the most feels I think because of how much it really meant to him. Here she is… can’t remember her past, who she is, or anything… but she remembers Dimitri, the servant boy who helped her escape and saved her life. AND HIS REACTION TO THAT. UGH ❤ The writing/story in this movie is honestly so great.


And I loved all the magic-ish scenes. Like this one. I loved the actual animation and colors. Everything was just so pretty in this movie!

giphy16I also liked the villains in this one. Rasputin was such a drama queen and pretty sassy himself. I even liked his little companion, Bartok! He was pathetic in a charming way, almost like a chihuahua trying to be tough, haha.

giphy17And the last thing I’ll mention that made me love this movie was the music. I memorized so many songs from this movie and would be like humming or singing it to myself constantly. For my piano final in college I actually played Journey to the Past! If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend it! It’s awesome!

Pretty sure it’s on Netflix, but don’t quote me on that. I see it come and go a lot on Netflix (which is why I ended up just buying the DVD because I need this movie in my life always).

Favorite Songs

 Once Upon A December by Deana Carter is probably my favorite version to listen to just because of the instruments ❤

Journey to the Past is like my favorite song to sing ever randomly when I’m alone or bored. I even bought the sheet music book for the movie just because/for this song haha!

At the Beginning plays at the end and it gives me so many feels that I end up always watching all the credits singing along (you know, in tears)

In the Dark of the Night is such a catchy villain song, to be honest. I enjoy it so much ❤


12 thoughts on “FFF: Anastasia

  1. This is one of my favorite movies ever! I really want to rewatch it soon!
    I think Anya is the one that started my obsessive want to have red hair. Lol!
    Also, I want a Dimitri one day! ❤ 🙂


  2. YAAAAAAY thank you so much for participating in my meme! I was so happy when I saw this post ❤

    And I've only ever seen Anastasia once but I was very little so I don't remember anything about it!!! I feel so bad but reading your post made me realise that I really, REALLY need to rewatch it again because it looks so awesome! I really loved your Gif usage!

    Thanks again for participating and sharing your love for Anastasia 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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