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New Friend Friday

new friend friday header

Hey, everyone! I saw this meme over at alwaysbooking and thought it was a really great idea. This is basically to feature some blogs that you think deserve a little love. So, many thanks to Debby @alwaysbooking for the feature! Definitely head on over and check out her blog!


I started following Jessica @JessicaMarie493 not too long ago actually and I love her blog. I like how all her headers match and with her background and they’re all really simple but pretty with the different patterns. It’s easy to look at and the color scheme is nice. Plus, I always have a really fun time reading through her book tags/memes ❤ Go check out her blog, it’s really great.

The other blog for this week is Lilly @LairOfBooks. I’ve been following Lilly for quite a while now and it’s always nice to read through her reviews and book tags/memes as well. Her reviews are always so honest and detailed, really on point. I’ve added a few books to my tbr thanks to them too. And, she’s got a really nice black and white theme going on her blog that’s simple but elegant. This is also a blog you should check out, especially if you’re looking for book bloggers with great reviews.


I hope you guys go visit these blogs because they definitely deserve the love! Let’s keep this moving forward! Feature your favorite blogs in a post, social media, or both. I really enjoyed writing this and I think this meme is gonna be a keeper for me ❤








7 thoughts on “New Friend Friday

  1. Oh my I am speechless! Thank you so much for mentioning my weekly post!! Let alone using it yourself 😀 I’m so glad you want to share the blogger positivity!! I love Lilly’s blog as well and will head on over to check out Jessica’s today!


  2. Thank you so much for featuring me this week, really sweet of you & i’m glad you enjoy my content *eeeeeK* Debby’s meme is def a great way to discover new blogs, I’m going to have to partake soon 😉


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