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ARC: Lost Boy

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So I just finished reading this beauty right here and I am so freaking in love with this book! It’s a retelling of Peter Pan, or probably more accurate it’s the making of Captain Hook. I’m going to be doing my full review today and posting it up on Monday so you should keep an eye out for that–but for now I just really have to share some of my feels for this book!

I mean, it gives such an accurate portrayal of what I really think being a child is like. You’re selfish, you’re throwing tantrums, consequences be damned so long as you get what you want–and Peter is all of those things in this book. To like a scary degree. Really, Peter is terrifying!

I loved Christina Henry’s writing style for this, too. She just made it so easy to get lost in the story. And I liked that the book focused on the characters because it fits so well with the whole story. It’s about staying young forever, but also the things that make you grow up. Ugh, just love this book so much. I was about halfway through the book and I finished the rest of it today all in one sitting when things just suddenly got so dark and took off. I just had to know how it ended!

This amazing book comes out on July 4th, so while I’ll likely be stuck at jury duty (*weeps*) you guys should be reading this super awesome read!






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