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CR: Caraval, ACOTAR, & EoS

Whoo, I finished two out of my three Current Reads, which I set almost a month ago. Caraval was the first one that I tackled on. I had a rough start with it, but it ended up being a really great read. Check here for my Caraval Review.

Right after that, I jumped into A Court of Thorns and Roses because I felt energized from Caraval. I think it was a good choice because ACOTAR seemed a little more relaxed (at least for like half of the book) than Caraval. I liked it, although at the same time it didn’t have that same spark that Throne of Glass had for me. Check out my ACOTAR Review to get my full thoughts on this.

And now, I’m finally starting Empire of Storms. Ahhhh! I feel it’s so appropriate too since there was just a cover reveal for her next book ❀ I’m really excited to jump back into the Throne of Glass universe and see how my favorite characters are doing. I’m not really quite sure what I’m going to do with myself while I wait for the next book. Okay, so that’s probably a lie. I know exactly what I’m going to do: read more awesome books to fill the ToG void, haha!






7 thoughts on “CR: Caraval, ACOTAR, & EoS

      1. I’m like in between. I think it makes sense for it to be different, but I think it’s not really that creative or pretty. And then the ocd part of me is upset because it doesn’t remotely match the rest of the series xD


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