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T5W: Side Ships


Whoo, gonna be busy with all these arcs/books I got recently. I got some really awesome ones that I totally wasn’t expecting to get since I requested them a while ago. I am super excited! And with that little update, let’s move onto this week’s T5W topic:

Tell us your favorite relationships that don’t involve the protagonist!


t5w side ships.jpg


1) Mortal Instruments

One of my favorite pairings has to be Alec and Magnus. Although to be totally honest, I just love Magnus period so whoever he ended up with I probably would’ve shipped it anyways, haha.

2) White Rabbit Chronicles

I actually loved Kat in this book and her relationship with Frosty was always a treat. She was hilarious and brought it into the romance. Probably my favorite thing ever was her being mad at him for him “misbehaving’ in her dreams, haha.

3) Morganville Vampires

Kind of the same thing here: I was really in love with Eve’s character as well as Micahel’s so I was super happy when they got together. I know he and Claire kinda looked like they were going to have a thing but I’m glad it didn’t go down that road because I love him as the protective big brother.

4) The Great Library 

Yep, here’s another Rachel Caine one because she’s totally awesome and you need to check out her stuff if you haven’t already ❤ In this one I was totally in love with the whole relationship between Wolfe and Santi. I liked how they understood one another (even if Santi wasn’t always happy with all the things Wolfe did).

5) Cardcaptor Sakura

There were so many cute couples in this one: Touya and Yuki/Yue (pretty cute), Rika and Terada-sensei (completely adorable), and Chiharu and Takashi (always hilarious). Plus, this is like my childhood right here ❤





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