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1 Year of Blogging: Goals & Art!

Hey, everyone! I was just checking out my blog today when WordPress reminded me that… It’s my blogging anniversary!

That’s right, one year ago today my friend convinced me to make a blog after I had just decided to get back into reading to deal with school stress. I am so happy she pushed me to do this because I have been reading more than ever and it’s something I really missed in my life. I have also had the opportunity to meet some really cool people along the way both on WordPress and Goodreads.

Here’s a shoutout to some blogs that kept me inspired throughout the year, and who were just really awesome in general. Definitely check them out.

Awesome Bloggers

I also figured this was as good a time as any to review my book goals I made at the beginning of the year and see where I am with them.

2017 Reading Goals: 

  • Read 60 books this year: I’ve read 25 books so far, so that’s pretty good!
  • Have at least 10 of those books be ones I already own: 3 out of the 25 I owned before so that’s not too bad. I still have plenty of time to reach my goal.
  • Finish 3 book series that I’ve started: I finished the Hunger Games series, so only two more to go!
  • Review at least 20 books on my blog: [Complete] I’ve reviewed 32 books! ❤
  • Read more adult books/books outside my usual genres: I’ve read a few adult books, a children’s book, some manga, a historical fiction, and a contemporary, so I say I’ve done pretty well with this c:

I think overall I’m doing pretty well on achieving my reading goals with it only being June. I also wanna take this time thank all my followers for sticking with me this year and being a part of my blogging journey with their likes and comments.

As a little final note, I’ll share a drawing I finished up yesterday. I made it as a thank you to someone who gave me a gift for graduation, but I also want to dedicate it to everyone following my blog/reading this. Thanks, everyone!








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