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Soundtrack Saturday: Queen of Shadows

Hey, everyone! I’ve decided to do another Soundtrack Saturday! This meme is from @TheHardcoverLover. Basically, you pick out songs (at least four) that describe the beginning, characters, relationships, and ending of a book you’ve read in order to create a playlist for that book. This week I decided to create a playlist for Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (read my review here).

Caution: there are some spoilers below if you haven’t read this far yet.


Queen of Shadows Playlist

1. Accelerate by Courtney Jenae (Sauniks Remix) [Beginning]

I love this song because it’s got an awesome beat and I love the singer’s voice as well. It just has a kind of epic feel to it and I could totally jam to this while reading about our favorite assassin’s long-awaited return.

2. What I’ve Overcome by Fireflight [Celaena]

I’m so happy to have been able to witness Celaena go from this kind of broken, uncertain young champion to a full blown Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen Queen of Terrasen who has learned to accept her mistakes and moved past her guilt. She’s taken all that and used it to make herself stronger. She’s not just accepting the world as it is, she’s ready to change it. I think we’re all really proud of how far her character has come along.


3. Falling Inside the Black by Skillet [Dorian]

As we know, our favorite prince, Dorian, spends much of this book trapped inside his own body. I thought this was pretty accurate for his situation (plus Skillet is amazing).

4. When I Rule the World by Liz (Nightcore version) [Celaena & Lysandra]

I’m really glad that Celaena could make a new friend in this book (especially a female friend). And to be honest, with how they are, I could picture them both in a shopping montage with this song as the background.


5. My Demons by Starset [Dorian]

Here’s another one for Dorian, although this one is more for later on in the book when he starts fighting back against the valg. I think it fits well.

6. Bad Girls by M.I.A [Manon & The Thirteen]

Because the Thirteen as badass and so is this song. I could honestly picture this playing while Manon and her squad are slow-mo walking into a room, not looking at anyone. Probably some really nice hair flips while guys are simultaneously drooling and terrified.


7. Black Sea by Natasha Blume [Kaltain]

I just found this song today actually, and I fell in love immediately because I was like “Holy crap, this fits her so well”. Plus, I like the irony of this being called “Black Sea” when Kaltain had shadow fire. Plus this whole song sounds like rebellion and flipping off the world, which is totally what Kaltain ended up doing.

8. Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey [Celaena & Rowan]

Let’s be honest, you know things are gonna be semi-kinky and hot with these two. Rowan said some stuff that had me all like:


9. Let the Flames Begin by Paramore [Celaena and her Court]

This fits well for a Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen and her squad, haha. Plus, they’re all totally badass and I loved the whole battle at the castle/tunnels in this book. This song could be playing during that moment and just make it even more epic.

10. Fear Not This Night (cover by Malukah) [Ending]

This song is very gentle and has this fantasy-like feeling to it, which I can associate with Terrasen. I think it’s a great song to play as she’s finally coming home.


I hope you guys like the songs I picked out! Check’em out, they’re pretty great (in my opinion). Feel free to drop any links to songs that you would add to the list c: I’d love to check’em out





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