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Book Haul: April & May 2017

This is gonna be a huge list because I didn’t get around to making my April book haul post with all my school stuff taking priority. Plus I hit up used bookstores with my bff again so I definitely bought a lot this month.


Physical Books

April May 2017 books.jpg


April and May 2017 ebooks.png


So most of the physical copies that I purchased these last two months were used books that I either bought from Thriftbooks or Bookoff. The middle row (starting with Strange the Dreamer) are the only books I actually bought that were brand new. Most, as you can see, are from Danielle Paige

I was able to get most of the Millenium/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series for a steal ($3 total). This was the same for the Halo series–I got each book for about $5-6.

The first four ebooks are arcs that I received. Most of them are actually coming out soon so I’ll be busy reading them. I already finished Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles, actually, and it was awesome! Review here if you wanna check it out.

Everything else I managed to get on sale with the exception of like two or three books.

So yeah, I think it was a good two months ❤


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