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Thursday Quotables: Queen of Shadows

Thursday Quotables was created by @Bookshelf Fantasies and it’s basically a post to share a quote or passage from your reading that week that you thought was funny, interesting, or that you just enjoyed in some way.

This week I’m sharing a passage from Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas:

She was still smiling when he asked, “Are all your nightclothes like that?”

“So curious about my negligees, Prince. Whatever would the others say? Maybe you should issue a decree to clarify.” He growled, and she grinned into her pillow. “Yes, I have more, don’t worry. If Lorcan is going to murder me in my sleep, I might as well look good.”

“Vain until the bitter end.”


Like the 3-4 pages that made up this scene were the best! It made me laugh so much, and ship them so hard. I love the easy friendship and joking that goes on between them (but the romantic tension is definitely great too). What I liked most about the relationship between Celaena and Rowan is that they understand one another deeply and give each other the room. They know when to push one another and when to stop.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the book so far ❤ It’s great to see all my favorite characters again (even not so favorite ones). There’s questions being answered just as quickly as new ones come up. The pace is definitely moving though. I’m so anxious to see how it ends so that I can finally read Empire of Storms.

I’m hoping to be done this weekend, or early next week at the latest. So you can expect my review sometime next week. I hope you’re all having a great day, and I’ll post again soon!


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