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Graduation: I did it!


Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t been as active the last couple of months because of school. But I’m here to tell you that it was all worth it! I graduated yesterday and had an amazing time with my friends and family. My aunt and cousins made it down (two of my cousins are in this pic), some family friends, church friends, and my some of my best friends also managed to make it down.

I couldn’t believe that I’d actually done it. I’m really proud to say that I’m the first in my family to go and graduate from college. Actually, about half of my graduating class was the first in their family as well! I’m so proud of all of us and really thankful for all the love and support that my family gave me for these long and difficult years. There were some moments when I doubted myself and felt like I should give up but I pulled myself together and only worked harder.

I know going ahead, that I will always be able to look back at this moment and those experiences in college and remind myself that I can do anything that I put the time in effort into. I’m not done yet. I will have to go to graduate school down the road, but I’m still so grateful for the opportunity to have attended college–it’s not something everyone is able to do–and I’m happy that I was able to complete this goal and milestone in my life.

I wanted to share this moment with you all, and thank you for being patient with my semi-hiatus these last two months. I’m already hitting the books (not textbooks this time, haha!) hard so I can get more reviews up. I’m currently starting Queen of Shadows, and I’ve managed to review a few arcs (although I’ll have to wait to post them closer to the release date), and have been approved for a few more so I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied while I plan out what I’m doing next in my life.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and I’ll have some more posts up soon! ❤


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