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Review: Paper and Fire


Title:Paper and Fire

Author:Rachel Caine

Series: Book 2

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

*Note:Review for Book 1



Continuing where the first book left off, Jess and his friends survived their first brush with the dark side of the Great Library, but they’re not all so willing to let go of the past. Their desire to find the truth about their friend turns dangerous when things mysteriously start going wrong. Soon, it becomes clear that they have targets on their back and eventually they find themselves being forced to flee Alexandria.


divider-51Favorite Characters


Again, so many great characters, but I think I really loved Glain best of all in this book. She was strong when she needed to be, but was also the voice of reason keeping everyone in check. She was badass, and funny ❤ I can always use some more quality Glain time.

I won’t list any more because I’ll end up listing them all haha.

divider-51Favorite Scenes

► Like I said, Glain was just great in this book because she wasn’t as uptight all the time. In the first book, there was quite a bit of distance between her and the other characters. It’s good to get to know her a little better.

“All right.” As he stopped to check his uniform in front of the mirror, she rolled her eyes. “You’re pretty enough for both of us, Brightwell.”

► It was great to see Glain as a leader. It revealed a lot about her character that she could create this really cohesive squad and had their respect.

“Fall in, all of you.” The three of them groaned as they stood up from their meager cover of a fallen block, and Zelalem swayed like a reed in the wind before Jess braced him. “I said fall in, not fall over.”

► We finally got to learn more about Wolfe in this book, and it was … interesting and strange to see a new vulnerable side to him.

But I can’t. Leaving you would destroy everything in me that remains true and good. Leaving you means givin up on a better world.

► Haha, I just love this line.

She launched into a blistering stream of Welsh that he was sure called everything from his manhood to his parentage into question, and didn’t stop until Santi whipped her around and shook her.

► I really can’t wait to see how the characters get along with the Burners. I want them to be able to work together but I think they’re too set in their ways to find common ground.

May the gods bless our struggles, and our light ever push back the darkness.


This was a great read. Things really take off fast in this book because within the first few chapters the characters find out that the Library is willing to kill them to keep them from asking any more questions. There’s also the whole reveal with Thomas which drives the entire book.

The book keeps playing on the same old question: where do you draw the line to preserve knowledge? For the Library, that line doesn’t exist.

Jess grew up a bit in this book. I think him being in the High Garda really helped him out. Made him learn to plan ahead, anticipate danger–really just gave him more survival skills. Ironic because he uses all this against the Library.

The relationships between the characters continue to grow too. There are rough patches and everything, but I was glad to see that they could move past it towards the end. Not all of them come out without scars, but it just makes them more complex.

Also, let me just repeat: I love this universe. It’s beautiful with so much detail and moving parts: the obscurists, the High Garda, scholars, smugglers, burners ❤

Finally, I think the ending was great because it showed the Library crossing another line. It’s really not playing games anymore and it’s willing to destroy that which it protects now in order to stop the truth from ever coming out. It made the Library so much darker because at least there was one line it had yet to cross. And then there’s the war/Burners coming to London that adds on top of that. I loved how everything just kept building up in the book and I really can’t wait to read the next book ❤


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