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Review: Geekerella



Author:Ashley Poston

Series: Standalone

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

*Note:Thank you to Book Riot Giveaways and the publisher for sending me for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!



*Thank you to Book Riot and the publisher for sending me for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

This is a cinderella-esque romance novel which is centered around two characters which seem to belong to completely different worlds. There’s Elle, a total Starfield geek who lives under the rule of her cruel stepmother and works at a vegan restaurant on wheels called the Magic Pumpkin.

And then there’s totally hot Darien who got his rise to fame on the show Seaside Cove. But even though he’s famous and constantly surrounded by people he’s never felt more alone.

They come together when Darien takes up the lead role in the new Starfield movie. Suddenly Darien is being targeted by all the angry “true” fans who think he’s just in it for the money. With one text to a wrong number, he suddenly finds in Elle a friend… and more.

divider-51Favorite Characters

There weren’t a whole lot of characters in this book to really pick favorites from so these are all pretty obvious. Still, they are all amazing and deserve some love!

Darien is such a dork! And really sweet as well. And also hilarious! He’s always worrying about others and less about himself even though he’s constantly having his life be directed by his father’s harsh rule.

And of course, I love Elle as well. I definitely empathized with her (and her situation). She was equally dorky at times, but also really funny and passionate. She let people walk all over her, but stood up for others–and I admired that in her character.

Lastly, I have to tag Sage in here too because she was hilarious, supportive, and just all around awesome. Especially with her designing outfits and everything!

divider-51Favorite Scenes

► One of the great things about this book is that it’s funny. More specifically, Darien is really funny. He’s always making jokes at his own expense to make others feel comfortable or to calm them down. He wasn’t the jerk TV star everyone thought he was.

“Do you ever feel like you’re forgetting something?”

“My underwear. All the time,” I say with dead seriousness. “Sometimes I give myself a wedgie just to make sure I have them on.”

► Texting was also a big thing in this book. It’s essentially the only communication between Elle and Darien throughout the book and I really liked the format/their exchanges.

10:01 PM

–Can I take a rain check on that answer?

Unknown 10:01PM

–Depends. How long’s the rainstorm?

► Despite being able to put on this air of confidence, this “mask” in front of his fans–Darien was totally afraid of heights (I mean, I am too) which I found adorable.

My stunt coordinator tugs on the wires of my harness, triple-checking that I won’t in fact hit the ground flatter than a pancake.

“We–we haven’t established a safe word yet,” I say. Stall for time, my mind chants. Stall for life. “I mean, you’ve got me into this compromising position, and I barely know you!”

► There was a lot of deep emotional moments involving Elle, and a big theme in the book was how she felt kind of stuck between worlds. She didn’t feel like she really fit in at home anymore and also didn’t think she belonged in the Starfield/cosplay/geek realm because that was something that she shared with her father.

It’s easier to be who you want to be when you aren’t trying to be who everyone else thinks you are. 

► Throwing this in there because it was one of the funniest exchanges between Sage and Elle–and their friendship was great.

I laugh. “Ready to kick some Nox butt?”

She scoffs. “Elle, I’m ready to tell them to get down on both knees and call you Queen.”

“I thought you were going somewhere completely different with that.”

“Eh, this is a PG sort of moment.”

“Fair enough.”


Geekerella has this A Cinderella Story feel to it where it’s a modern-day-Cinderella-inspired story revolving around a Starfield geek, Elle, who lives with her stepmother and stepsisters in the home her father once owned, and secret Starfield fan/teen TV star, Darien, who feels isolated by his fame.

Shortly after Darien takes up the lead role of Federation Prince Carmindor, he starts to feel the pressure from Starfield fans who (not always so nicely) let him know how important it is for him to play their beloved character correctly. It’s when his father forces him to take up an appearance at a convention that he starts to fight back. A falling out between him and an old friend, along with his newfound fame, has taken all the fun out of conventions for him.

The pacing is steady in this book, though the story between Elle and Darien really only kicks off with the first accidental text message (when Darien tries to cancel his appearance at the convention).

I liked the romance in this book because it developed naturally. Elle and Darien only ever felt like they had each other. With Elle not knowing who he was, Darien was free to be himself–and for Elle he was the only one she could talk to about Starfield and the things that went on at home. It started out as two geeks just being friendly, but they slowly started to develop friends for one another. The romance just felt easy and natural, not at all rushed.

And it was adorable too. Both Elle and Darien were really funny and total dorks when it came to making love-related jokes or confessions using Starfield which I found to be really endearing.

Beyond just the romance there was also the whole story of Elle finding herself. For so long she felt alone and powerless, but Sage helped push her towards things she’d once enjoyed, and really helped her stand up for herself and the things she loved. Sage was a really honest, and supportive throughout the book (even though she was a bit closed off at first).

As an extra bonus, this book is kind of diverse. Darien is described as having dark skin, and then Sage is also lesbian (semi-spoiler, she totally gets together with someone before the end of the book). So it’s not an all-white cast and it’s LGBT ❤

I have to say that Geekerella met all of my expectations. I had thought it would be a little goofy, dorky, certainly geeky, but overall cute. The writing excelled and so did the pacing, plot, and characters. So, yes. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a romance novel or if you like fairytale inspired books.


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