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Book Haul: March 2017

Whew, I think I managed to cut down on my crazy shopping just a bit, but still got some work to do. I managed to snag some really great buys with my friend plus some sales on ebooks and Thriftbooks (of course <3). So, yeah, let’s jump into it!


Physical Books

Screenshot 2017-06-06 18.01.07.jpg




Ahhhhh, one of the big things that I was excited about (and that I actually just got a couple of days ago) was an ARC from Rachel Cain’s “Great Library” series ❤ I first fell in love with her writing style with the Morganville Vampires series. I managed to snag the first book in this series a while back for $1.99 and since I got approved for the 3rd book I went ahead and bought the second book so I can just binge read/catch up on the series all at once. Super excited for this and you can expect a review in a couple months when the publication date is a little closer. I actually started reading a little bit of the first book recently.

I also went ahead and bought more from Danielle Paige after I got sucked into the Dorothy Must Die series (review here). And, I got them for cheap 😀 so that’s always good.

Haha, I just wanted to note that I immediately jumped on the chance to get “This is Our Story” when it was on sale in ebook form, but then a while later I forgot and accidentally bought a hardcover copy for $5 when I was shopping with my friend. I ended up gifting it to her when I noticed since I knew she liked it.

I’m actually a bit into “The Year of Four”, and I’m enjoying it so far. It feels kinda like a mix of Harry Potter (and man… they really tried to make it like the series) and Vampire Academy. Even with all the similarities I still like it so far. Again, this is another one I’ll be reviewing closer to its release date.

Another series I was happy to get my hands on was the Unwind series. I just like the concept of it. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a dystopian where unwanted children can be “unwound” (their organs removed and saved for others) before their 16th birthday. Crazy right?! I hope it’s as good as I want it to be *crosses fingers*.


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