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Fanart Friday: Hunger Games

I know I’ve mentioned several times now that I’m taking a Hunger Games class this semester. Well, one of our big assignments is creating a work of art to represent themes in the series (as well as a two-page paper to explain it in depth) so I figured I’d share my art project with you guys. I hope you all enjoy it ❤

Here’s a little more explanation if you’re interested:

I placed the white roses in the background, as well as the dark red/pink to represent the Hunger Games, President Snow, and really just all the violence being behind Katniss. The golden wings and halo were to represent her being her own light in the darkness that was the war between the Capitol and Rebels (both of which used her in their own ways). Throughout it all, she tried her best to be true to herself and to protect those she loved.

Kind of along the same lines: I placed the Mockingjay pin down below. I didn’t want her wearing it because throughout the book she felt the weight of that symbol being imposed on her.

Anyways, that’s pretty much the short version of what I was going for here.



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