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Book Haul: February 2017

Was going to do this earlier but I didn’t wanna double post on a single day. Anyways, my book haul this month was exceptionally large because when I get stressed I tend to but things… and this semester is exceptionally stressful haha *sweat drop*. Anyways, I did get some really good buys this month and I’m excited to share them ❤ As always, click on the covers to go to the book’s goodreads page!



Physical Books

book haul february 2017


Book Haul February 2017 Ebooks


I’ll highlight a few things that I was really excited to get.

Absolutely #1 has to be The Giver series that I was able to find in all new hardcovers for $22 at a used bookstore, and they were all in like-new condition ❤ I loved the first book but I read it forever ago and I don’t think I found out it was part of a series until high school or college.

I bought Carve the Mark because I had a coupon. I really wasn’t too sure about it because I had read so much online about how it was kinda in the middle, but I enjoyed Divergent up until the ending of the last book so I decided I would give this a shot.

Ascension I received through Netgalley. This is a continuation of the New Bloods series which I started through Netgalley and reviewed recently here: Awaken review.

The Hate U Give just became available, and I had preordered it after watching a booktuber talking about it. This book sounds really amazing and relevant to current issues, plus I like being able to read diverse books once in a while ❤

And the last one I’ll go into is Bite Me. I picked this out because I saw other books in the series on Netgalley and it kinda seems interesting. Still, I didn’t feel like requesting the second book until I’d read the first. Hopefully, this vampire slayer series will be good. I enjoy a good hunter/slayer book c:


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