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T5W: Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have

Hello, hello! We’re at that point in the week again so it’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday. This is a group created on goodreads that puts out a topic every week for bloggers to answer and discuss (anyone can join so feel free to look them up if you’re interested). So let’s move onto this month’s first topic:

Any fictional career you’d want to have? Remember, T5W is always open to movies, tv, and video games as well.


t5w fictional jobs.jpg

Being a Shadowhunter would be so freaking badass. I would love to be able to use runes, interact with different downworlders, have cool gear, know how to fight–it would just be awesome.

Being a zombie slayer also sounds awesome. Tough, dangerous, but awesome. I wouldn’t mind being a secret hero (along with my friends).

I think being a bone witch sounds like a lot of hard work and stressful with the amount of animosity towards them. I can’t say I’d want to be a bone witch specifically but being some type of witch would be amazing. Especially working with runes, learning to dance, sing, fight. Women in this book are awesome.

This is my time to advertise: Tegami Bachi is a very cute, interesting, and fun series. The art is gorgeous. I think I would love being a Letter Bee, delivering people’s letters with my Dingo to help me out and having adventures all the time by going these different routes and fighting creatures.

I would also, love, love, love to be a Cardcaptor. It seems like a lot of work but also a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Especially if your best friend is making you dozens of fun, cute costumes to wear.


So these are my top fictional jobs, what are yours? I would’ve added assassin from Throne of Glass, but I don’t think I’d very much enjoy that if I got trained the same way Celaena was haha.


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